March 16, 2016

Cliff Jumping Nusa Ceningan & Diving Bali

Cliff Jumping Nusa Ceningan & Diving Bali

Nusa Ceningan Bali has a spectacular nature and beautiful scenery. This Island has tranquil atmosphere, away from hassle and hectic pace, and the most important is no congestion here. Before set a foot on this island, visitor must reached this location through a yellow suspension bridge. This island also offer a beautiful sunset fused with its surrounding, truly amazing experience!

Cliff Jumping Nusa Ceningan & Diving Bali

Nusa Ceningan including Nusa Lembongan and Nusa Penida are became a part of the District of Nusa Penida, Klungkung Regency, Bali.

Let's take a closer look to the amazing of Ceningan Island!

Nusa Ceningan Bali

Going to Nusa Ceningan can be done by fast boat, departed from Sanur Beach to Lembongan Island. From Lembongan, you can reached this island through a yellow bridge. The bridge is only for motorbike, bicycle and pedestrian.

Located in southeast off the coast of Bali, this small island is influenced by "Somewhat Dry Climate" (E type climate based on Schmidt-Ferguson climate classification maps). The climate has humid (wet) season which begin from December continues until April.

Cliff Jumping Nusa Ceningan & Diving Bali

The soil is derived from Selatan Formation which consist of reef limestone, marl in place, partly bedded, recrystallized and fossilizes. The island area is covered by savanna forest vegetation.

The beach here is amazing and divide into sandy and cliff beach. The beach with the character of "sandy and ramps" has white sand, blue water, the waves were calm and visitors can swim and enjoy the crystal clear water. While the beach with character of "cliff and steep" have big waves, deep, and dangerous.

Before get around visitor must reached this island through a bridge. Visitors are strongly advised to bring enough money for the purposes of payment. There are no banks, ATMs or money changer here. Visitor can buy and use sunblock due to the dry conditions. Visitor can stop by at warung or small store to buy some snack or gasoline.

Ceningan is not a big island dan visitors can explore this amazing island within a short of time. Return from Ceningan to Lembongan visitor can pass through the very same route over the suspension bridge. This bridge is the only access that joins Ceningan dan Lembongan.


Cliff Jumping Nusa Ceningan & Diving Bali

Cliff Jumping Nusa Ceningan

This island offers an interesting attraction that called Cliff Jumping. This activity is recommended for visitors who like a challenge. Visitors will jump from a foothold cliff into the lagoon that directly connected to the open sea.

Cliff Jumping Nusa Ceningan is located in the southwest of this small island and close to Secret Beach. After you splashed into the water, try to stay calm and follow the currents that will lead you to a ladder to climb back to the cliff. Visitors need to be careful.


Nusa Ceningan Diving Bali

The dive locations has very good and clear water conditions. Besides that, dives here will also be treated with a thick layer of seaweed. This place is also the location of mangrove forests which is a home of reptile, starfish, small fish and mud-skippers.

Toward the deeper part at the eastern, divers may see a tuna, bull jacks, groupers, and sharks are about living here. The spot is called Ceningan Wall and Ceningan Corner. The dive locations have a large wall, decorated with soft corals, tubastrea corals and sea whips or gorgonians.

Nusa Ceningan Diving Bali start from the northern end of the island. The whirlpool and converging currents make this location very challenging for divers. Dive locations with the natural channels is offering the divers a world-class satisfaction.


Cliff Jumping Nusa Ceningan & Diving Bali

Seaweed Farm Nusa Ceningan

Local residents is predominantly Hindu. They has religious activities as same as another region in Bali. The language is Bahasa Bali and Bahasa Indonesian. English language has been also widely used.

The major activity of locals is trade and farming. Trading activities are carried out in the central activities or traditional market that serve people around its service area.

Agriculture here is the dry agriculture type by relying on rain. Local people also growing the seaweed. The seaweed farm Nusa Ceningan is an unique activities and serve as main occupation of local people.

Visitor can see the farmer planting the seaweed, growing, maintaining and harvesting the seaweed with a boat. Drying process is the next after harvesting. Farmer usually do the drying process and use tarpaulin as a pedestal. After the seaweed dry, they sold it to the collectors.


Swallow and Nusa Ceningan Bakung Temple

During the adventure visitor can visit Bakung Temple. This old style temple is situated in the southern part of this small island.In this temple often held cockfights and has become a tradition here. A lot people will come to attend this attraction. Cockfights now become strictly held only for ritual called "Tabuh Rah".

Next, you can see the attraction of Swallow. This attraction is located in a cave at the western part of the island. During the time of sunset you will see Swallow flew in and out. A beautiful sunset with swallow attraction, truly amazing experience!


Cliff Jumping Nusa Ceningan & Diving Bali

The Beach and Nusa Ceningan Snorkeling Bali

This amazing island has good snorkeling point that available near the beach especially at the eastern side of the island. This location is famous for its coral reefs. Visitor can coddle their self by snorkeling with crystal clean water. Nusa Ceningan Snorkeling Bali is a perfect place to see a variety creatures of underwater, amazing coral reef and fish-life.

The beaches here is very beautiful, exotic and has a quiet atmosphere. Secret Beach is one of many beach which is very exceptional, flat-type and sandy white. Its located at the southern of the island and just across the famous diving spot, Christal Bay. This beach can gives the distinctive impression on visitors holiday.


Nusa Ceningan Surfing Bali

This paradise island also offers an exceptional experience for surfers. This location has been the destination of surfers and since long a part of Bali Surf Circuit. This surf break is called Ceningan Point.

The surfing spot here offer amazing wave but requires caution and should be done when the medium tide or high tide. Always alert to the presence of sharks and remember to surf when it was crowded. Nusa Ceningan Surfing Bali will be crowded while the dry season.


Cliff Jumping Nusa Ceningan & Diving Bali

Nusa Ceningan Water Sport Near Suspension Bridge

This island is a great holiday spot for visitors who bring along their families. Visitors can try out the attractions of water sports such as jet-skiing, para-sailing, wake-boarding, and banana boat.

Visitor also can chose kayaking for fun exploration and more environmental friendly. Visitors can use the hotel services to get these services or find a service provider itself in Lembongan.

This activities is done at the northern part of the canal (near the suspension bridge) that separated Nusa Lembogan and Nusa Ceningan. Take your time to travel to Nusa Ceningan Bali. Hopefully helpful and thank you!



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