March 11, 2016

Bali Best Tourist Attractions Top 10 You Must See!

Bali Best Tourist Attractions Top 10

Bali is one of many islands in the Indonesian archipelago. Bali with a predominantly Hindu, has contributing an important value for the cultural uniqueness in Indonesian archipelago. Geographical uniqueness of Bali Island is reflected in the form of mountains at the central part which stretches from west to the east, as if the island being divided into the North and the South.

In addition, the Island of Bali has stunning natural beauty, volcanoes, forests, flora, fauna, rice fields, lakes, beaches and coral reefs. Bali is a comfortable place, spiritualist and well worth a visit!

Bali Best Tourist Attractions Top 10

Bali Tourist Attractions Top 10

Bali is famous for its rich history and culture. The history of Bali Ancient Kingdom keep stored up till now and can be enjoyed through the inscription and archaeological sites.

The beauty also reflected in the culture of Balinese life through rituals were inherited from generation to generation. Beautiful architectural style and spatial planning based on the concept of Tri Hita Karana and Tri Mandala also be a special attraction.

Visitors who come to Bali can enjoy the beauty and uniqueness that reflected on the tourist attractions in Bali. Here are the Bali tourist attractions top 10 most visited by visitors, both domestic and foreign. Let's take a closer look!

Tanah Lot Bali

Tanah Lot Bali is located just off the coast, perched on solid rock overlooking the Indian Ocean. The sunset on the horizon is the most expected by visitors.

Bali Best Tourist Attractions Top 10

Tanah Lot Bali is dedicated as a place of worship to the god of the sea God Varuna for the blessing of safety and happiness. A harmonious blend of beautiful sunsets, offshore tranquil moment, ancient shades and spiritual vibe. Amazing temple, worth a visit and truly soothing!


Bali Best Tourist Attractions Top 10

Uluwatu Temple Bali

Uluwatu Temple Bali is very famous for the privilege of its location, perched atop a 70 meter high cliff facing the sea. A meeting point between the sea to the mainland symbolically.

Visitor can have good angle for capturing the sunset with the temple perched right over the high cliff. A harmonuious blend of beautiful scenery and spiritual.


Bali Best Tourist Attractions Top 10

Pura Ulun Danu Bratan and Lake Bratan Bali

Pura Ulun Danu Bratan plays an important role as a cooperative management of water resource by a group of subaks. On a sunny morning, the temple offers the visitor its precious moment to capture.

The beautiful water temple with its floating illusion combined with stunning scenery of Lake Bratan and the sacred golden bamboo, in the backdrop setting of blue-green mountain, is a spectacular image of Bali.

Lake Bratan Bali has a stunning views, holy temple, story and tradition, blue-green mountains, tranquility and coolness atmosphere around of Bedugul area mixed into one and create a stunning and magnificent impression on the the lake.

Lake Bratan Bali is renowned as The Lake of Holy Mountain not for no reason. Local people in Bedugul are farmers. Locals is very grateful for the blessings given by God (Hyang Widhi), a fertil volcanic soil from the mountain and abundant of water source from the lake.

In addition, from the viewpoint of Hindu beliefs, mountains and lakes is something sacred and respected. So it's not a surprised if people call Lake Bratan as The Lake of Holy Mountain.


Bali Best Tourist Attractions Top 10

Penelokan Bali and Lake Batur

Penelokan is the best place to see the Batur Caldera with volcanic boulders and other material that encircle the Mount Batur. This place is located in the south-west of Batur Tengah Village. The main thing that visitors can see from here is the beautiful panorama of Mount Batur, Lake Batur and Mount Abang.

In this location there are plenty of restaurant and acommodation with direct view to Mount Batur. While sitting and enjoying a cup of kintamani coffee, visitors can order food or drink, enjoy the coolness of weather and exotic panorama of Mount Batur.

The Lake Batur offers a very beautiful panorama and the largest lake in Bali. Visitors can also enjoy the beauty of geodiversity from Mount Batur such as hardened blocky lavas, lava flows, lava stream, tumuli and other geological beauty.

Lake Batur Bali is flanked by two great mount, Mount Batur and Mount Abang, and located inside the circle of Batur Caldera. The beauty of the lake, the mountain and its caldera combined with the coolness atmosphere, give the visitor an incredible experience!


Bali Best Tourist Attractions Top 10

Bedugul Botanical Garden or Eka Karya Botanic Garden Bali

Eka Karya Botanic Garden Bali has been a pioneer in preserving plant in Indonesia, a beautiful garden complemented by living collection, herbarium and preserved plant. A magnificent garden with harmonious blend of scientific and conservation purposes.

At Bedugul Botanical Garden visitors can enjoy the beautiful landscape, mountain forests, direct views to Lake Bratan and Pura Ulun Danu Bratan, clean air, cool atmosphere, and spacious tranquil surroundings. But the most important is that visitors can feel comfortable while doing research activities or learning about the use of plants in Balinese culture.


Bali Best Tourist Attractions Top 10

Tirta Empul

Tirta Empul Temple is very famous and there are "ancient bathing pool" fed by springs throughout the year. For local or Hindu belief, the spring was highly sacred and respected.

Tirta Empul is the main destination for visitor to do purification ceremony or "melukat" with the flow of showerheads. Melukat or purification ceremony is a process for cleaning the spiritual and physical body with water as the main medium.

Melukat can be done for various purposes such as calming the mind, increasing the positive energy, healing, ancestry, dignity, welfare and others.

Historical records mention the place was built in the 9th century AD in Warmadewa Dynasty Era of Ancient Hindu Kingdom in Bali. The holy spring is located inside the temple and flows to the ancient bathing ponds, koi ponds, and other pools around the temple.

Furthermore, the flow of water heading towards Tukad Pekerisan or Pekerisan River. Touch the cool freshness of spring water and feel the magical wisdom within the ancient bathing pool.


Bali Best Tourist Attractions Top 10

Taman Ayun Bali

Taman Ayun Bali offers the grandeur of traditional Balinese architectural style that reflected in beautiful temple with roof overlaps and its water features. Taman Ayun Temple is surrounded by an extends fish pond and landscape that is arranged beautifully.

The bigest water temple in Bali which has water features that make the temple like adrift on the water. Taman Ayun Bali keeps the history and cultural richness from the past. A beautiful garden, uniques features and spacious lawn will greet the visitors, truly amazing!


Bali Best Tourist Attractions Top 10

Bali Safari and Marine Park

Bali Safari and Marine Park is the 3rd safari park of Indonesia and also as "sister park" of Cisarua Safari Park in Bogor and Prigen Safari Park in East Java. Bali Safari and Marine Park is place for wide range of animal species also include the type of rare and endangered animals.

The most offered by Bali Safari and Marine Park is the concept which allows visitors to interact with the animals at an extremely close distance. Its consists of various themes with a natural and wide view.


Bali Best Tourist Attractions Top 10

Goa Gajah

Goa Gajah offers the visitor an interesting experience to explore the cave passage filled with archaeological Hindu-Budha relics like Linggam and Yoni, Ganesa Statue, and Buddha Statue.

There are reliefs carved on the entrance that looks like a demonic mouth. Hindus believe the reliefs depicting one of the gods in Hindu belief, God of Earth or Bhoma. Goa Gajah is one of UNESCO World Heritage in the Cultural Category.

There are also ancient petirtaan pool and statues of "Widyadara" and "Widyadari" which amounted to 6 pieces. All six statue stands on a lotus-shaped sculpture as a symbol of universe.

The statues holding a "tirta place" that spout water into the pool. The existence of this sacred pool or petirtan and the six statues is believed to provide the vibration of the aura of sanctification for visitors.


Bali Best Tourist Attractions Top 10

Sangeh Bali

Sangeh Monkey Forest is a forest area of 6 hectares full of nutmeg trees and a home for hundreds of monkey and several other animal species.

The holy forest is a sanctuary of grey long-tailed macaques. The monkeys are respected by locals as sacred creatures. These monkeys are believed as the descendants of the monkey army of the King Hanuman.

There is also a holy temple that holds the history and culture during the period of Mengwi Kingdom namely Pura Bukit Sari. Amazing temple in the middle of nutmeg jungle!



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