September 18, 2016

Pura Agung Kentel Gumi in Klungkung - The Tri Guna Pura of Bali

Pura Agung Kentel Gumi

Pura Agung Kentel Gumi was founded by Mpu Kuturan, preceded by the groundbreaking of square stone pillar resembles the "lingga", which is known as the Ratu Pancer Jagat. The word of "pancer" means the stake or the center, while "jagat" means the world. Mpu Kuturan as the conceptor and priest, was asked for his skills to organize the religious life in Bali to become "kentel" or stabilized. This temple is devoted for worshiping God in the manifestation as Sang Hyang Reka Bhuana (Creator of the Universe).

Pura Agung Kentel Gumi

Mpu Kuturan, History, and The Tri Guna Pura of Bali

MPU Kuturan came to Bali and arrived in Padang Beach (Silayukti, Padang Bai), in 923 Isaka or 1001 AD. His arrival is related to the invitation of King Udayana and Gunapriya Darmapatni that require his expertise in the field of religion. Earlier in 922 Isaka or 1000 AD, Mpu Ghana has been arrived in Bali and settled in Gelgel. Pura Dasar Buana Gelgel was made by Mpu Dwijaksara to honor Mpu Ghana. Mpu Kuturan and Mpu Ghana along with three other siblings include Mpu Gnijaya, Mpu Semeru and Mpu Bradah is often called the Panca Tirtha or Panca Pandita.

From the beginning of the temple that had been established by Mpu Kuturan, extended back in the era of Sri Krishna Kepakisan. The development was continued at the reign of King Dalem Waturenggong. Furthermore, mentioned on the ancient records, Lontar Raja Purana Batur (issued by King Dalem Waturenggong), this holy temple is described as one of the Tri Guna Pura or Kahyangan Tiga of Bali. Tri Guna Pura consists of Pura Batur as Pura Desa of Bali (to invoke fertility), Pura Agung Kentel Gumi as Pura Puseh of Bali (to invoke stability of universe) and Pura Besakih as Pura Dalem of Bali (to invoke the sanctity of sekala and niskala).

Pura Agung Kentel Gumi is located in Tusan Village, District of Banjarangkan, Klungkung Regency, Bali. In addition to the uniqueness of lingga Ratu Pancer Jagat, there is also a history of the relics and archaeological. There are several sacred relics (pratima) and ancient statues, either intact or in the form of fragments. In addition, the temple area is equipped with beautiful landscaping arrangement. This temple is situated on the edge of the main road, so many visitors stopped to just capture images.

Pura Agung Kentel Gumi

The Mandala of Pura Agung Kentel Gumi

The temple consists of 3 parts or mandala, include: Nista Mandala, Mandala and Madya Utama Mandala. In addition, there is also Mandala Sumanggen and Mandala Pesucian. Mandala Sumanggen, at the royal era was used as a place to welcome king guests who visited the kingdom of Klungkung, covering Bale Sumanggen, Bale Gong and others. While in Bale Pesucian there are several shrines such as the Bale Suci, Lumbung and others.

Nista Mandala is the outermost or "jaba sisi" consists of wantilan and Pelinggih Manik Bingin. Madya Mandala is a central part or "jaba tengah" consists of several shrines, including Bale Kul Kul, Bale Gong, Bale Agung and others. While Utama Mandala is the innermost part or the center or "jeroan", is divided into sections, consist of Mandala Maspahit, Mandala Masceti, and Mandala Utama.

On the Mandala Utama, is located the principal shrine of Ratu Pancer Jagat. The Mandala Utama is flanked by Mandala Maspait on the north and Mandala Masceti on the south. There is a religious concept that is Gedong Maspahit facing to the south and Gedong Masceti facing to the north and both of them met at the Mandala Utama as the shrine of Ratu Pancer Jagat which is stana of Sang Hyang Reka Bhuana. Symbolically, at Mandala Maspahit people invoke prosperity, in Mandala Masceti invoke fertility, and in Mandala Utama to invoke the stability of the universe to Sang Hyang Reka Bhuana.


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