September 9, 2016

Telek Dance & The Story of Barong Swari

Telek Dance Bali , Lontar Barong Swari

Telek dance is a "Wali" or sacred dance in Bali. Telek is closely linked with Jauk, Penampratan Mask, Barong, Rangda and Rarung. The whole of them is called the Barong Telek. Telek dance is accompanied by traditional music of Balinese gamelan called Tabuh Bebarongan. The dancers of Telek consisting of (4) four dancers, using a white mask, which has a gentle and friendly face character.

Telek Dance Bali , Lontar Barong Swari

Telek Dance Bali

As a sacral dance, Telek dancers dressed a bit different from Balinese dance in general. Dancers using white colored costumes, using ornaments "lamak" in the torso, "awiran" hanging on the body, "badong" in the neck, "stewel" as a coating in the calf, and bracelet or "gelang kana" in the wrist.

The dancer using a golden crown made from carved leather, cone-shaped, using temple motif. In the face, dancers wearing white tapel (mask) which shows smooth and friendly character. Telek dancers also use other property of keris embedded in the back of the dancer and fan (kipas).

Telek dancers usually are male or female who enters adolescence. The dancers of Telek are a symbol of the temple guardians and protective of kindness. The staging of Telek dance is believed to counteract the negative effects (evil), increasing the positive vibration (kind), and for safety from danger, disease and pest outbreaks.

Telek Dance Bali , Lontar Barong Swari Telek Dance Bali , Lontar Barong Swari

Telek Dance & Lontar Barong Swari

Telek dance is mentioned in the ancient records called Lontar Barong Swari. Told that Shiva was very angry associated with Goddess Uma action against their son, Dewa Kumara. This story continues up to her expulsion from the heaven to the Mayapada (the human world). Uma felt so sad, sorrow, and lonely. She eventually builds a palaces and doing meditation. There are so many spirits being created through her meditation and became residents of the palace.

The next title of Uma is Goddess Rohini. The palace of Rohini is so creepy and very eerie so that no one dared approach it. The beauty of Rohini has changed and become creepy, so she's called the Goddess Durga.

After so long, Shiva remembered with Uma who has descend to earth (Mayapada), and leaving Dewa Kumara in heaven. Lord Shiva finally comes down to earth with the name of Lord Rudramurti in the scary form. Lord Rudramurti so happy encounter with the Goddess Durga (Shiva and Goddess Uma). But unfortunately the pleasure they have, give rise to fear and disasters in the human world, coupled with the presence of spirits created by the Goddess Durga.

Gods in heaven feel sad and decided to save the world by creating the Barong Swari. The Three God descent to earth consists of: Brahma who became Dancer of Red Mask (Topeng Bang), Vishnu becomes Telek (Telek Dancer), and Iswara become the Barong Swari. Pest outbreaks and disease as a result of the meeting of Lord Rudramurti as well as the influence of the many spirits created by the goddess Durga have been able to overcome. Once the process is so long, finally Lord Shiva and Goddess Uma back to normal and return to the heaven along with The Three God.


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