November 9, 2016

Gilimanuk Power Plant - Bali electricity supply & Java Bali Crossing

Gilimanuk Power Plant , Bali Electricity Supply , Java Bali Crossing

The island of Bali is Indonesia's largest tourist destination both international and domestic. Along with the development of the tourism industry and the needs of local communities, contributing to the increasing need for electrical energy in Bali. The load peaks in Bali occurred during the early and late evening when the tourist hotels demand the most electricity and also household needs. Occurrence of these needs must be balanced with an increase in capacity of electric power both the reliability and availability.

Gilimanuk Power Plant , Bali Electricity Supply , Java Bali Crossing

Gilimanuk Power Plant & Bali Electricity Supply

Gilimanuk power plant (PLTGas) is one of the assets owned by PT. Indonesia Power with shareholders of PT. PLN. This gas power plant is operated by PT. Indonesia Power, using a type of gas turbine ABB GT13E2, based in Gilimanuk, District of Melaya, Jembrana Regency, Bali.

PLTG Gilimanuk has been in commercial operation since 1997 and has a capacity in accordance with ABB delivered plant of 133.80 MW. PLTG Gilimanuk has been support the electricity needs of the Bali with the capacity of 130 MW, improve the reliability and availability of electricity and reduce the cost of energy production in Bali.

At this time (in 2016), Bali has a total supplies of electric power of 1,300 MW (PLN Bali). The supply of electric energy in addition supply from PLTGas Gilimanuk, Bali electricity supply is also derived from the Pemaron power plant /PLTGas (80 MW), Submarine Cable Java-Bali (340 MW), Pesanggaran power plant (PLTDiesel and PLTGas) (370 MW) and Celukan Bawang power plant /PLTU or coral-base (380 MW). PLTU Celukan Bawang became the main supplier of this time to meet the needs of electricity in Bali.

Gilimanuk Power Plant , Bali Electricity Supply , Java Bali Crossing

Java Bali Crossing (JBC)

In RUPTL PT. PLN Year 2016-2025 (Electricity Supply Business Plan, PT. PLN), mentioned that the possibility of developing a large-scale coal power plant in Bali will be more difficult to do, related to the vision of the Provincial Government of Bali and Bali in the future development. For that reason PT. PLN seeks to meet the needs of long-term electricity in Bali by building an immensely power transmission from Java to Bali.

PT. PLN will use technology of voltage transmission of 500 kV. This transmission has a capacity of 2,450 MW, with a length of 185 kms and will cross the Strait of Bali with aerial wire to span a distance of 2.7 km. This transmission is known as the Java Bali Crossing (JBC).

The transmission development plan is also beneficial to lower the production cost of electricity in Bali, which is still expensive. The transmission of 500 kV will be supported by towers as high as 363 meters (in Java) and 376 meters (in Bali). The transmission line will start from the Paiton power plant (PLTU), go through the area of Baluran National Park in East Java, heading to West Bali National Park (TNBB). Permission of The Ministry of Forestry and the Ministry of Environment was published in April 2013.

To support the Java Bali Crossing required the construction of GITET 500 kV in Bali (GITET Antosari) with a capacity of 1,000 MVA and development of GI 150 kV and additional transformers with a total capacity of 1,590 MVA. As for the transmission of 500 kV, wires is required along the 205 km, route includes Gilimanuk - Antosari and Segararupek - Gilimanuk, including the development of 150 kV transmission line in Bali.


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