January 20, 2017

Saba Beach Bali - Horse Riding, Turtle Conservation, and Sacred Temple

Saba Black Sand Beach, Saba Beach Bali Horse Riding, Turtle Conservation in Bali, Horse Riding Saba Beach, Saba Asri

Holidays in Bali it is not complete without enjoying a morning stroll along the sand beach, with beautiful views all around, waves, colorful fishing boats, and of course the sunrise. One of the locations you can visit the Saba Beach, situated in Saba Village, District of Blahbatuh, Gianyar Regency, Bali.

Saba Beach Bali offers a tranquil beaches, beautiful black sand, and peaceful surroundings at a location which is slightly away from the main road. So the conditions are still natural and less crowded compared to other beaches in South Bali.

Saba Black Sand Beach, Saba Beach Bali Horse Riding, Turtle Conservation in Bali, Horse Riding Saba Beach, Saba Asri

Saba Beach

Enjoy the morning atmosphere, walk down the beach, chasing the waves, and feel the sea cool breeze. For swimming and surfing, visitors need to be a bit cautious given the gusts of wind and waves were strong.

The beach is indeed a romantic place with a panoramic view of the beach, palm trees, rontal, and Bali Mountain backdrop that harmoniously blends with the clouds and blue sky.

Often several couples who getting married do the pre wedding photo-shot on this beach. Not only that, the beach is also suitable for relaxing body and mind from the hectic activity and rejuvenates your energy.

Saba Black Sand Beach, Saba Beach Bali Horse Riding, Turtle Conservation in Bali, Horse Riding Saba Beach, Saba Asri

Saba Beach Bali Horse Riding

Saba Beach Bali also offers a unique experience, the Horse Riding. Before performing equestrian activities, visitors will be given a briefing from professional guides related to safety riding and sort ride training, as well as guiding during the trip.

Participants will be riding the horse for 10 km along the coastline, for about 2 hours. The horse stable is located in a green rustic environment in Saba Village, as well as a starting point of Saba Beach Horse Riding.

It started with a slow walk down through the Balinese Village. A unique and challenges experience of exploring the black volcanic sand beach, along with the cool breeze, crushing waves, and tranquil surroundings.

Participants can enjoy a peaceful riding along the coast, passing through bamboo plant, palm, thatch grass, bananas, and pineapples and accompanied by birdsong.

Saba Black Sand Beach, Saba Beach Bali Horse Riding, Turtle Conservation in Bali, Horse Riding Saba Beach, Saba Asri

Saba Beach & Turtle Conservation in Bali

During the months of March to September each year, along the beach in Gianyar Regency especially in Saba Beach, becomes the location of the turtle nesting (nesting season). As we know, during the nesting season, the female turtles emerge from the sea at night to reach the beach and finding a location for a suitable nesting site.

She digs the sand by using all four flippers and then digs an egg chamber using her rear flippers. Once the chamber is formed, she will begin contractions. On average, female turtle will lay about 110 eggs in each nest and make about 2 to 8 nests in one nesting season.

Naturally, eggs and hatchlings produced by female turtle will be left to fend for themselves and find water after emerging from the sand. Once the process is complete, the nest will be closed again with sand. She will leave the nest, heading to the sea water and swim back to the ocean.

On Saba Beach, the egg-relocate is done due to several reasons such as wild dogs, erosion, tide, tourist activity, and so on. After she completing laying the eggs and heading to ocean, the group will relocating the egg to the turtle hatchery. Turtle eggs will hatch in cold temperatures at night. Furthermore, these hatchlings will be released the next day.

This activity is done by Saba Asri, one of the turtle conservation in Bali founded in 2007 by local fisherman, Made Kikik. At the beginning, Saba Asri is a very simple self-funded sea turtle conservation center.

Afterward, on the year 2013 the local government notices the existence of this group and donates to build a more proper conservation center by the beach. As we already know, good financial foundation becomes the most critical part of the journey.

Saba Black Sand Beach, Saba Beach Bali Horse Riding, Turtle Conservation in Bali, Horse Riding Saba Beach, Saba Asri

Saba Beach & Sukeluih Suun Kidul Temple

In addition to the peaceful environment, Saba Beach is also very thick with the spiritual nuances. Beside as a site for Melasti ceremony and Nyegara Gunung ceremony, is also associated with the presence of Pura Sukeluih Suun Kidul with major shrines of eleven overlapping-roof or Meru.

Around the temple is surrounded by palm trees, rontal, shrubs, hardwood and some other vegetation with the green atmosphere and unspoiled nature. Sources mentioned that the temple is called Pura Sukeluih Suun Kidul, interpreted as "Ida Sesuhunan ring Kidul".

There is a story related to the temple. The story told about daughter of the village of Keramas (Gianyar) who is married to Puri Blahbatuh. Being a citizen and stay in the neighborhood of the palace (Puri), the princess is always supervised and must maintain behavior and discipline.

Some day the princess was accused of having an affair with a man named I Gina, end up in the death penalty for both of them, on the king orders. But before her death, the princess said that if they really have an affair then the sea water will be quiet and calm. But if it is not true, then the sea water would destabilize the region.

After their execution, the sea level rose, rolling the land and damaging the region. Residents are asked to make shrine using banana trunks. It gradually became overwhelmed and the people eventually created an eleven overlapping-roof shrine or Meru for the princess.

This shrine hereinafter is called Pura Sukeluih Suun Kidul. Meanwhile for the man, a shrine is made for him but situated outside and anonymous. With the creation of eleven overlapping-roof shrine or Meru, the spirit of the princess has been considered united with the Creator.


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