January 7, 2017

Tedung Bali - A beautiful of Bali ceremonial Umbrella

Tedung Bali , Bali Ceremonial Umbrella

Bali is very obvious with the uniqueness and beauty. Visitors can see it directly when setting foot on this paradise island. One of the uniqueness is an ornament in the form of umbrella with the color, size, and different functions that adorn every Balinese Hindu shrine.

This ornament is called "Tedung" or ceremonial umbrella, which literally means "to guard". Tedung is typically used in the temple or holy shrine and also in certain ceremonies such as Nyekah ceremony, Melasti ceremony, etc.

Tedung Bali , Bali Ceremonial Umbrella

Tedung Bali

In general, Tedung Bali can be categorized into Tedung Robrob and Tedung Agung. The difference between the two lies in the embellishment or "Ider-Ider" on the edge of it. In Tedung Robrob, the edges are decorated with woven of thread. While Tedung Agung edges are decorated with colored cloth or "Prada".

In addition to its unique shape, tedung also has a beautiful color variation. The sources mentioned that this color variation is associated with several reasons, including: (1) color is the creation of the crafters / artists; (2) color is based on caste (Bramana use white, Ksatriya use black, Pasek use yellow, and Pande use red); (3) color is based on the type shrine or Kahyangan Tiga (Bale Agung use red, Puseh use black, and Pura Dalem use white); and (4) the color that symbolizes the balance of the universe or Rwa Bhineda, the black and white.

Tedung Bali , Bali Ceremonial Umbrella Tedung Bali , Bali Ceremonial Umbrella

Bali Ceremonial Umbrella

These ceremonial umbrellas are typically used for auspicious occasion to adorn the temple compounds, transforming it from everyday items into sacred artifacts of ceremony. However, lately tedung is widely used for decorative purposes (hotels, tourist sites, and shows) to strengthen the Bali element that becomes the theme.

All tedung are entirely handmade and require a long time to make it. The making of tedung usually done by a family or an expert called "Undagi", which has the special skill to make it. This skill has been passed down through families and generations. Tedung is made with materials such as wood poles, bamboo as "ribs" or base frame, wool yarn and cotton cloth.

The height and width of Tedung Bali has a typical calculation. Not only has that, these calculations also applied to determine the number of "bamboo ribs" that will sustain the fabric. This is based on the calculation of "bah-bangun" (width x height) and using traditional measurement such as Depa, Lengkat and Pengurip. Therefore, not just anyone can make it.


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