March 5, 2017

Kebyar Trompong Dance Bali - Beautiful Dance & The Trompong Instrument

Kebyar Trompong Dance, Tari Kebyar Terompong Bali

Kebyar Trompong Dance and Kebyar Duduk Dance are a variation of Kebyar Dance. In Kebyar Trompong, the dancer has to dance and play the musical instrument called Terompong at the same time, collaborating with gamelan accompaniment.

Terompong or Trompong is one of gamelan instrument. It is a long instrument, with a set of metal bowl-like gongs, placed on a large wooden frame and decorated by carved motifs and prada. Thus the name of the "Terompong" dance comes from the instrument itself.

Kebyar Trompong Dance, Tari Kebyar Terompong Bali Kebyar Trompong. Performance in GK. Sunan Ambu, Bandung, West Java.
KKB Githa Saraswati, 21 Maret 2001

Kebyar Trompong Dance or Tari Kebyar Terompong Bali

This is a solo dance performance, created by I Ketut Mario, in 1925. The dance was danced both men and women. The dancer will interpret every nuance of the gamelan musical into the movements and powerful facial expressions.

In most of the dance, the dancer take cross-legged sitting position. This position may intensify the relationship between the dancer and gamelan. The Trompong instrument is prepared with a position slightly forward and complete with "panggul trompong" (trompong sticks).

At first, dancer will play the fan with dazzling motion in accordance with gamelan accompaniment. Furthermore the fan is placed,the dancer take trompong sticks and twirl it between fingers. The dancer then playing the trompong insturment collaborates with gamelan accompaniment. Dancer ended the dance by playing the fan again.

The costumes and makeup is an essential part in the performing arts of dance, especially to support the expression of dance and be characteristic from other dances. The dancer using costumes such as destar (headbands), gonjer, badong kain, gelang kana, tutup dada, sabuk stagen, ampok-ampok, and long fabric with motifs of prada, called "Kancut". The dance property consist of: fan and trompong sticks.


  2. _ Gamelan Gong Kebyar _ on Maret 02, 2017
  3. _ Kebyar Duduk _ on Maret 02, 2017
  4. KKB Githa Saraswati, Otten 15, Bandung, West Java.
  5. Image : KKB Githa Saraswati Bandung, West Java.

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