March 18, 2017

Pura Yeh Gangga Bali - Yeh Gangga Temple in Perean Tabanan

Pura Yeh Gangga Perean, Pura Yeh Gangga Bali, Yeh Gangga Temple

Pura Yeh Gangga Bali is one of the ancient temple which is now bears the status of National Cultural Heritage (Cagar Budaya Nasional), located in Perean Village, District of Baturiti, Tabanan Regency, Bali. This temple has the same route to Bedugul and also Ulun Danu Bratan, about 12 kilometers from Mengwi.

Balinese believe Yeh Ganga temple has an important role, especially in pray for salvation and healing. In addition, the presence of the river in the area of the temple is also irrigate the farmland, give life, and supports the local people.

Pura Yeh Gangga Perean, Yeh Gangga Temple

The main building is in the form of Meru (7 storied roof or "pagoda-like") with material combinations of wood and sugar palm fiber (ijuk). The body and the basement are made of stone. The body's middle section is open at the front and partly on the sides.

Porcelain plates of various sizes are embedded in the sides (walls) of the temple. At the front base there is a niche (resemble a spurious door) complete with door bolt ornament (also made of stone). At the top of the niche is adorned with the head motif of Kala (Kalamakara).

Pura Yeh Gangga Bali, Yeh Gangga Temple Pura Yeh Gangga Perean, Pura Yeh Gangga Bali, Yeh Gangga Temple

Pura Yeh Ganga Perean was discovered around the 1920s by the Department of Antiquities, led by Mr. Krijgsman. The Meru's stone construction and the split gate (candi bentar) were partially taken down and rebuilt in 1954-1955.

Inside the temple area, several archaeological objects keep stored in the form of statues and linggam. An inscribed stone was found in an enclosure, display the date of 1256 Saka (A.D. 1334). Still in the Perean Village, but in a different temple, Pura Agung Puseh, a stone lintel was found, which bears the date 1261 Saka (A.D. 1339).

The temple area is surrounded by a wall with the entrance in the form of split gate (candi bentar). There are also several rock-hewn caves on the opposite side of the river. This temple is situated on the high bank of small stream, surrounded by green vegetation, bamboo plants, and hard woods, make it more enigmatic and full of spiritual vibe.


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