March 29, 2017

Sugihan Ceremony - A Symbol of Purification

Sugihan Ceremony, Sugihan Bali dan Sugihan Jawa, Hari Raya Sugian

The Sugihan ceremony (or Sugian) commenced the week before Galungan. The Balinese Hindus will celebrate the ceremony season consecutively, which is a symbol of purification, consist of: Sugian Tenten, Sugian Jawa and Sugian Bali. Thirdly this ceremony falls on Wuku Sungsang, celebrated every 210 days.

Sugihan Tenten is the first Sugian, celebrated on Wednesday Pon wuku Sungsang. The word "tenten" identified with "enten" which means "remember", reminding that Galungan will arrive. All obligations must be prepared.

Sugihan Ceremony, Sugihan Bali dan Sugihan Jawa, Hari Raya Sugian

Sugihan Jawa, the second Sugian, celebrated on Thursday Wage wuku Sungsang, is the day after Sugian Tenten. Sugian Java aims to purify the universe or Bhuana Agung (macro-cosmos), both material and spiritual.

Sugihan Bali, the third Sugihan, celebrated on Friday Kliwon wuku Sungsang, is the day after Sugian Jawa. Sugian Bali aims to purify oneself or Bhuana Alit (micro-cosmos), by pleading tirta or "penglukatan".

In practice, Sugihan Bali and Sugihan Jawa, most Balinese celebrate both. While others were celebrating separately, only celebrate Sugian Bali or just Sugian Jawa.

Although the ceremony of Sugihan intended as a symbol of purification (cleansing) of macro-cosmos and micro-cosmos, but each individual or group in Bali has its own history. Of course this can not be simplified, or be generalized, or even blame any particular tradition.

The Sugihan Ceremony should be seen as an attempt to lead the people (Balinese) in carrying out any activities or ceremonies, to be always based on the path of dharma and purity.


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