March 10, 2017

Tari Tani Bali - The Farming Dance of Bali

Tari Tani Bali, Farming Dance, Tari Tani dari Bali

Tari Tani Bali (Farming Dance) is created by I Wayan Beratha in 1957. This dance emerges along with the Tari Tenun (Weaving Dance) and Tari Nelayan (Fishing Dance) in the era of 1950s. Tani dance showing the everyday life of Balinese, particularly the work or activities of farmer in Bali.

Tani dance usually performed in groups by male and female dancers. The movements in this dance depict the activities of farmers from preparing the land, plant the seeds, up to take care of their plants. This dance is indeed present a beautiful and elegant movements.

Tari Tani Bali, Farming Dance, Tari Tani dari Bali

During the era of the 1960s, the three dances (tani / farming, weaving, and fishing) emerged due to the influence of socialism and become a standard at that time. Then in 1965, the political situation is unstable and the third this dance immediately lost favor.

After all, these three dances remain a distinct marker of a crucial time in Indonesia's modern history and today are performed simply for their aesthetic purposes.

Tari Tani Bali, Farming Dance, Tari Tani dari Bali Tari Tani dari Bali, Farming Dance

Costumes and makeup plays an important role in the performing arts. The harmony and beauty of color will further enhance the look of the dance during performances.

Male. In Tani (farming dance), male dancers using costumes such as: headdress (udeng), badong, tutup dada, sabuk stagen, gelang kana, ampok-ampok and kamen (sarong) with prada motif.

Female. While the female dancers use "Lelunakan" or head-cloth at the top. Lelunakan is the development of "tengkuluk", in the form of shawl by decorative motifs.On the top, lelunakan shawl wraps the hair, is formed in such a way, adorned with gonjer (golden flowers), sandat flowers and red flowers.

On the bottom, female dancers use tapih, kamen (sarong), and sabuk stagen bandaged from the waist to the chest. On the outside is wrapped by colored scarf with decorative motifs of prada.


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