March 6, 2017

Tenun Dance - Tari Tenun Bali

Tenun Dance Bali, Tari Tenun Bali

Tenun Dance or Tari Tenun Bali depicts women who are weaving, which is the population's daily activities at that time. This dance was created by I Nyoman Ridet and the music is composed by I Wayan Likes, both from Kerobokan (in Badung), in the year of 1957.

Tenun Dance is a group dance, performed by 3-5 women. In most of the dance, the movement is executed in a kneeling position. Tenun depict spinning thread, wrapping the loom, and weaving. The dance was so lovely, graceful and elegant.

Tenun Dance Bali, Tari Tenun Bali

The costume and makeup in Tenun are a bit different from the other dance. This dance uses "lelunakan" or head-cloth at the top. Lelunakan is the development of "tengkuluk", in the form of shawl with decorative motifs.

The hair is wrapped by a yellow colored shawl (lelunakan), formed in such a way, along with gonjer flowers, sandat flower and red flowers. Dancers use tapih, kamen, and sabuk stagen worn on the torso. On the outside is wrapped by colored scarf with decorative motifs of prada.

Tenun Dance Bali, Tari Tenun Bali

Tenun or weaving dance is not just a beautiful dance about the women who were weaving, but also keeps an interesting story. This dance was created along with two others, namely Dance Farmers (Tari Tani) and Fishermen Dance (Tari Nelayan).

In the era of the 1960s, these dances (depicting the daily life of the Balinese) emerged due to the influence of socialism. This influence helped shaped these dance and become a standard at that time.

Then in 1965 the political situation is unstable and these dances immediately lost favor. After all, the three dances remains a distinct marker of a crucial time in Indonesia's modern history. Today, these dances (Nelayan, Tani, and Tenun) are performed simply for their aesthetic purposes.


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