May 2, 2017

Balangan Beach Bali - Romantic Beach and Tranquil Environment!

Romantic Beach and Tranquil Environment!

Balangan Beach is one of the best beaches Bali has to offer, a golden sand beach overlooking the Indian Ocean and surrounded by a fairly wide of high cliff with lush green vegetation.

The beach is situated on the western side of Bukit Peninsula just north of Dreamland Beach (New Kuta Beach), in Badung Regency, Bali. The beach at the north side is part of Jimbaran Village, while the south is part of Pecatu Village.

Balangan Beach Jimbaran Bali

Balangan Beach Jimbaran Bali

The beach is not too crowded, relative clean, no many beach sellers, panoramic view, powerful wave and great place to stroll and hang out the entire day.

The scenery around this beach is really charming and romantic, also can be enjoyed from the cliff top on the right side (north side) before you go down some steps to the beach.

Balangan Beach Bali Balangan Beach Bali

Stepping on the rough sand of Balangan Beach will bring your imagination to the atmosphere of rustic beaches, rows of coconut trees, tranquil atmosphere, blue-green seawater and also the cool sea breeze.

Balangan Beach Bali Balangan Beach Jimbaran Bali

Relax while enjoying the scenery, sitting, sunbathing, surfing, snorkeling or just chilling the body in shallow seawater. At the low tide you can see a beautiful carpet of rich green moss and also tropical fish and marine creature.

The area around Balangan Beach has been supported with several facilities such as rooms, villas, parking and more.

Restaurant and foodstall also lined along the beach. While sitting with beer or cocktails in hand, enjoying a beautiful sunset with orange-yellow colored. Along with the melodious sound of waves, until the whole sky was turned into brilliant purple. Such a beautiful day!


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