July 4, 2018

Segara Beach Kuta - Nice Surf and Scenic Sunset in Badung, Bali

Segara Beach Kuta is a beautiful white sandy beach, shady, with panoramic blue water and a pleasant atmosphere. This spot has good waves and has long attracted many surfers both local and international. In addition, the beach is endowed with a stunning sunset panorama. Every visitor who comes will be amazed by its beauty.

Segara Beach Kuta Bali, Pantai Segara Kuta Bali

There is a neatly arranged rock revetment and a beach footpath attached to it. It aims to protect the coast during bad weather and high waves. Visitors usually crowded during sunset, take pictures, and sit along the revetment while enjoying the ocean view. Many sellers are spotted on the beach selling cold drinks.

This beach is still in Kuta Beach area, in Badung Regency, Bali. You can pass the main gate of Kuta Beach, turn left, and follow the path heading to Discovery Plaza. You will find the traditional Balinese temple with a beautiful architecture called "Pura Segara of Kuta" and the Segara Beach just right in front of it.

You can also access it from the Jl. Kuta Art Market, which directly takes you to the beach at the road end. Some tourists are seen riding his motorbike through this road and parked in front of the beach. It is only about 15 minutes from the Ngurah Rai International Airport via the Jl. Kartika Plaza.

Segara Beach Kuta Bali, Pantai Segara Kuta Bali

This place offers the chance to enjoy a fun weekend picnic with your family or hangout with friends. There are many trees with a dense canopy, creating a shady and cool beach atmosphere. The waves are good for surfing. You can rent surf board on the beach and also take the surf lesson. It is recommended for beginners to professional surfer.

This is a nice spot to start the day, walks along the beach, beachside jog, cycling, swimming, and morning yoga. You can explore the Kuta Art Market while discovering unique souvenirs such as paintings, crafts, beads, clothes, shoes and more. You can also try temporary tattoos, massage service, and drinking fresh coconut water.

Some traditional wooden boats line up neatly on the sand as an interesting photo spot. You can spend time relaxing, listening to the sound of the waves, enjoying the cool sea breeze, and letting the day go by. Although sometimes overcrowded, this has been a nice place for sunset with a calm and romantic atmosphere.

Segara Beach Kuta Bali, Pantai Segara Kuta Bali Segara Beach Kuta Bali, Pantai Segara Kuta Bali

There is sea turtle conservation with its turtle hatchery near the beach (look for the giant turtle statue). This conservation program was started in 2001 by Mr. Agung (Mr. Turtle) and Wayan.

Segara Beach, Kuta and its surroundings are the spot where sea turtles lay their eggs. After laying their eggs, the conservation will relocate it to the turtle hatchery. This is done due to some reasons such as erosion, tide, tourist activity, wild dogs, rubbish and more.

The sea turtle nesting season in this area start from March to September each year, while the hatching season starts from April to October. During the peak of turtle hatching season (June, July, August) the conservation will released baby sea turtles almost everyday.

Segara Beach Kuta Bali, Pantai Segara Kuta Bali Segara Beach Kuta Bali, Pantai Segara Kuta Bali

Many comments related to the issue of rubbish on the beach. This problem is actually not only happening here but almost on every beach in Bali. Sources mentioned that Kuta Beach and surrounding beach usually experienced an annual waste season from November to January. This garbage consists of logs, twigs, coconut, plastic and more.

This requires deep research on a broader scale, especially in determining the source of trash and its solution. But apart from that, Kuta Beach and its surroundings have become an icon that visited by a lot of tourists (domestic and international), so that overcome this issue (rubbish on the beach) should be prioritized.

The Local Government of Badung Regency (Dinas Lingkungan Hidup dan Kebersihan / DLHK), local residents, and other stakeholders are always striving to maintain cleanliness at Kuta Beach and surrounding areas. This effort is worth appreciating. But this will never be enough without the awareness and participation of every tourist who visits this place. Therefore, let’s keep this beloved beach clean!


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