October 20, 2018

Puspawresti Dance (Tari Puspawresti Bali)

Tari Puspawresti Bali

Puspawresti dance was created in 1981 by dance artist I Wayan Dibia and music accompaniment by I Nyoman Windha. Puspawresti comes from the word "puspa" meaning flower, and "wresti (vrsti)" means rain, if combined means rain of flowers. At the end of the dance (pekaad) the female dancers take flowers from the bokor, throw upwards, and colorful petals will fall as an enchanting rain of flowers.

Tari Puspawresti Bali, Puspawresti Dance Bali

Tari Puspawresti Bali

This dance depicts a group of young with hospitality and respect when welcoming the guests visiting their village. The female danced in gentle movements and carried a bowl with fragrant flower petals, escorted by male dancers who carried a spear.

This is one of the welcoming dances performed by male and female dancers in groups. The dancers display a uniform and compact movement and also divide themselves to perform complementary movements.

The dance combines patterns of motion from several dances such as: Gabor, Rejang, and Baris Gede. The female dancer entered the stage first and followed by male dancers a few moments later. This dance is accompanied by the gamelan Gong Kebyar.

Costume and make-up become important elements in dance performances. For females: the hair is arranged in such a way (sasak), wearing "antol" (imitation hair), flowers (gonjer flowers, red flowers, white flowers, and semanggi flowers in the back of the head) and wearing "subeng" on the ears.

The middle is covered with prada belt, runs from chest to waist and wears a prada scarf. The prada cloth and tapih fabric cover the bottom to the ankles. The female dancers carry dance property: bowl (bokor) with "sampian" (made of coconut leaves) and contains colorful flower petals.

For male dancers wearing udeng and "petitis" (forehead crown) equipped with flowers and imitation hair. The dancers wear a short shirt, sabuk prada, badong manis, gelang kana, and ampok-ampok at the waist. For the bottom, a short trouser covered with long prada cloth and wearing wristband on the ankle. The male dancers carry dance property: tumbak or spear.


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