October 18, 2019

Makepung Buffalo Race In Jembrana, Bali

Makepung is a race competition involving buffalos to chasing one another. This is a unique and attracting tradition from Jembrana Regency, West Bali. Makepung comes from the word "kepung", which means "to chase". This activity has become a tourist attraction that is held every year and managed more professionally.

Makepung Buffalo Race, Tradisi Makepung Jembrana Bali

This event also became livelier with the performance of Gamelan Jegog. This is a set of traditional gamelans made of bamboo as a characteristic of Jembrana Regency. Jegog is known to have a different feel so that it sounds very distinctive to the ear.

The Makepung tradition is said to have developed around 1930, which is closely related to the agricultural life of the local community. This tradition originated from the activities of farmers in Jembrana to fill their free time after the rice harvest is complete.

In this race, two buffalo will pull the traditional wooden plough which is slightly modified and connected to a wheeled cart or "cikar". This is where the Jockey stands while spur the buffalo during the race.

This buffalo is chosen from the best and specially cared for by its master. This buffalo is called, "kerbau pepadu", which will be spurred during a race. The buffalo will be decorated with various colorful ornaments so that it looks beautiful and each participant is equipped with a flag.

The assessment in the Makepung buffalo race is quite unique compared to other races. The winner in this race is determined by the distance between the participants, for example a distance of 10 meters is determined between two participants.

If the first participant succeeds in widening the distance (more than 10 meters) from the second participant, then the first participant wins. Meanwhile, if the second participant succeeds in narrowing the distance (less than 10 meters) then the second participant wins.

This buffalo race has its own impression for the local people and also tourists who come to see it. The buffalo race competition is not only attended by farmers but also from various groups such as officials and entrepreneurs. Participants with their buffalo came to race for honor, pride and the trophy; rather than for money.

This Makepung tradition is usually held during the main harvest period; from July to November each year (dates and places may vary). This activity is usually held on Sunday mornings.

The circuit used in this race is a dirt track (long enough) and scattered in several locations. There are about seven circuits consists of: The Sangyang Cerik (main circuit), Delod Berawah, Kaliakah, Pangkung Dalem, Mertasari, Tuwed, and Awen.

This activity provides positive benefits for the local community. First, this is a unique tradition and is able to attract tourists to visit remote locations. Secondly, this encourages the local community to improve the quality of animal husbandry, especially buffalo and reduce the conversion of agricultural land.


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