November 11, 2019

How To Booking Hotel Room

Travelling is an extraordinary experience. There are many reasons people do it such as for work, enjoying a vacation in a tourist spot, etc. The need for a place to stay is always a major consideration in preparing plans for travelling.

How To Booking Hotel Room

Before travelling, people usually book rooms for reason of certainty when they arrive at their destination. If you haven't made a booking, panic and hassles can occur where all hotel rooms are full and you have to go around looking for them. This does not include additional costs, mobilization of luggage, and the mood of your trip.

Finding a good hotel room and making a reservation can be difficult. But don't worry this will hone your skills for travelling. You can maximize your room search efforts by utilizing online booking sites, consumer reviews, and travel agents.

Some booking sites that are often recommended such as:,,,,,,,,,, Traveloka .com, etc. These sites display a large selection of hotels and allow you to compare rates and room types before you make a reservation.

The following are simple and short steps, which will make it easier for you to book a hotel room, especially for those of you who have never booked.

1. Consider the hotel room you want.

It is related to the level of luxury, starred, large rooms, number of beds, room furniture, etc. In addition you might also consider the need for facilities for disability, spas or even internet connections.

2. Determine the ideal location.

You can consider the location of a hotel that is near a particular tourist spot or near a work event that you will attend. A more remote location offers you a private atmosphere. While the location in the city center allows you to access different places in the city easily.

To be sure, you can check the location with Google Maps and use the Street View feature to find out the conditions around it. Make sure the hotel is not being renovated, is in a high-risk area, very old, etc.

3. Determine the budget to make a reservation.

Determining a budget is very useful for narrowing down choices and making your search more efficient. You might find special discounts on hotel rooms. Staying at a hotel can be one of the biggest expenses of your trip. So make sure you don't spend more than you need to book a room.

4. Search for hotel rooms online through the booking site.

You only need to fill the required information such as: destination, check-in and check-out dates, number of rooms and the number of people who will stay. After that, you simply press "search", and a number of hotel room options will be displayed.

Hotel room rates vary according to the type you request. Published rates are generally the highest rates charged by hotels for rooms offered. Please note that online booking sites do not always display extra fees for rooms. As information, a hotel that has a low basic rate but does not include any facilities, often always ends up more expensive than a hotel that covers everything for free.

In addition to getting good deals through online travel sites, you should also visit the hotel website itself. Each hotel website often has special offers that do not appear on the online booking site.

5. Compare hotel rooms and read reviews.

Hotel reviews are usually written by people who have previously used the hotel service. Often these reviews give a description of the hotel you are looking for such as: cleanliness, food, noise, amenities, etc.

This review can be a consideration to get the impression of the room you want and help you to make better decisions. Carefully read the important information displayed before booking a room so that you are not surprised by certain terms and conditions.

You can consider hotels that provide airport shuttle services. This can be very helpful in mobilizing your luggage and lower costs to arrive at the hotel.

6. Call the hotel to get a better offer.

Make sure you call the hotel regarding the booking and ask for the information you need. You will get a better understanding because you communicate directly with the front desk, for example about the condition of the room you want or about the availability of parking facilities.

You can ask for the type of room you want such as rooms that are far from noise and elevators or avoid rooms that directly face the road. This will help to reduce your worries and mode confident in placing an order.

For those of you who plan to rent a car at the destination, you should ask for information about the availability and price of parking at the hotel. If it's free, it might not be a problem. Sometimes hotels add fees for the parking space you use. And it can be much worse if you have to look for parking outside the hotel and also the risks.

7. Make a hotel room reservation.

After feeling confident about the choice, you can make a reservation directly online. You can also make a reservation by calling the hotel outside peak hours (late evening).

By making a hotel room reservation, you have basically agreed to a contract where the hotel promises to provide the room on the date you want and you promise to pay for this service.

8. Make a payment with your credit card.

Always make sure if your credit card offers any discounts on hotels so you can use it. Booking a room using a credit card offers consumers far greater protection in the event of fraud.

9. Confirmation that hotel rooms are booked.

Ask for written confirmation for your hotel room reservation. The hotel will send you a booking confirmation via email or fax. Reread this receipt carefully and make sure everything is correct so that you are not surprised by hidden fees.

Regarding hotel cancellation policy, each hotel has a different return and cancellation policy. So make sure to read carefully the terms before you decide to cancel the order.

Also pay attention to check-in and check-out times. If you are going to be a little late to check-in, call the hotel so they don't give the room you ordered for someone else. Make sure you bring a copy of the reservation when you check-in at the hotel. We wish a nice travelling!

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