February 27, 2021

Sanghyang Grodog Dance Bali

Tari Sanghyang Grodog is one of the dances that are sacred to the people on Nusa Lembongan Island, Nusa Penida, Klungkung Regency. This dance functions as a ritual of repellent reinforcements from disease outbreaks that attack residents, livestock and as a ritual to invoke rain when there is "panceklik" or food scarcity.

The performance of the Sanghyang Grodog Dance is centered in the "catus pata" of the village. This sacred performance is held at Sasih Karo (July-August) for several days.

The Sanghyang Grodog ritual is interpreted as an encouragement and the pinnacle of spirituality about living in a tradition, keep loving, respecting and having a polite attitude towards Mother Earth (Ibu Pertiwi) with all its contents.

The Sanghyang Godog dance that is performed consists of 23 Sanghyang characters, as follows: Sanghyang Sampat; Sanghyang Bumbung; Sanghyang Penyalin; Sanghyang Lingga; Sanghyang Joged; Sanghyang Dukuh Ngaba Cicing; Sanghyang Jaran; Sanghyang Dukuh Masang Bubu; Sanghyang Sampi; Sanghyang Bangu-Bangu; Sanghyang Kebo; Sanghyang Tiling-Tiling; Sanghyang Enjo-Enjo; Sanghyang Manjangan; Sanghyang Tutut; Sanghyang Jangolan Dukuh Ngaba Penyu; Sanghyang Barong; Sanghyang Kelor; Sanghyang Capah; Sanghyang Perahu; Sanghyang Sumbul; Sanghyang Payung; dan Sanghyang Bunga.

This ritual or "aci" Sanghyang Grodog has noble values such as: symbolic values of fertility, religion, kinship, mutual cooperation, village legends, strength, utilization and preservation of marine resources, and animal diversity.

Every character from Sanghyang Grodog is symbolized in a medium with certain forms. This medium is called "gegulak", which is made of wood, straw, decoration, and given a wooden wheel that can be moved. It is said that the term "grodog" arises from the sound caused by the rotation of the wooden wheel when it comes into contact with the ground during the ritual procession.


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