August 27, 2021

Siat Yeh Tradition In Jimbaran, Badung BALI

Siat Yeh Jimbaran is a unique tradition carried out by the community in Desa Adat Jimbaran, Badung Regency. This ritual is held every year, which is the day after the Nyepi celebration or known as Ngembak Geni. At first, this was a “mekecel-kecelan” activity or playing water. Then, on the advice of the elders (penglingsir), this activity was named Siat Yeh.

August 12, 2021

Nyakan Diwang Tradition In Banjar Village, Buleleng Bali

The Nyakan Diwang tradition is a unique ritual performed by the people in Banjar Village and several surrounding villages in Buleleng Regency. This is held every year in a series of Nyepi Day celebrations, precisely a day after Nyepi (Ngembak Geni). This activity is carried out early in the morning around 4 am.