December 22, 2022

Teruna Jaya Dance at Puri Ubud, Bali

Teruna Jaya dance tells the story of a young man who has reached adulthood with strong expressions and behavior to captivate his lover. This dance originates from Buleleng Regency (North Bali), first created in 1915, by dance artist Pan Wandres in the form of "Kebyar Legong", then perfected by I Gede Manik around the 1950s.

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Teruna Jaya is a male dance (usually performed by female dancers) and is accompanied by Gong Kebyar, so it is often called the Kekebyaran dance.

Teruna Jaya is classified as "Balih-balihan" or dance to entertain the audience. The performance can be done in the temple or stage. The dance movements of Teruna Jaya are full of energy, complex yet beautiful. The dancers use a dance property in the form of "kepet" or a golden patterned classic handfan.

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