Balinese Dances

Balinese Dances, Balinese Traditional Dances
Balinese Dances, Balinese Traditional Dances

Balinese dance is a very ancient dance tradition. The beauty of dance is reflected in the bodily gestures including feet, fingers, hands, head and eyes. A dynamic dance along with music accompaniment of Balinese gamelan produced a stunning artistic expression.

Most of the Balinese dances are connected to Hindu rituals. The Barong dance is the popular one. The Barong within the Calon Arang story, responds to the dark magic used by Rangda. Barong defeated the evil (Rangda) and the balance is restored.

During the Intergovernmental Committee for the Safeguarding of the Intangible Cultural Heritage convention in Windhoek (Namibia) 2015, UNESCO recognizes three genres of traditional dance in Bali, Indonesia, as Intangible Cultural Heritage. The three genres include Wali (sacred dances), Bebali (semi-sacred dances) and Balih-balihan (dances for entertainment purposes).

Here are several of the Balinese traditional dances (Click the link to open in new tab).

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