August 28, 2016

Belibis Dance Bali

Belibis Dance Bali

A beautiful and qualified artwork, born from a total devotion of the artists. It is seen in one of the artistic creations of Balinese dance called Belibis Dance. The movement and behavior of Belibis or whistling duck has inspired the artists to create new dance creations. Belibis dance is so beautiful, artistic, attractive and harmonious with Balinese gamelan accompaniment.

Belibis Dance Bali Belibis Dance. KKB Githa Saraswati. Bandung, 2002

Belibis dance is created by the dance artists, N.L.N. Swasthi Wijaya Bandem in 1984, with the composer I Nyoman Windha. The beauty of Belibis dance with energetic movement will make the viewers surprised and amazed. The accompaniment music of gamelan blends harmoniously along the movement of Belibis while enjoy the natural beauty. It also reinforce the movement expression of the Belibis dancers. The flutter white wings of Belibis in tune with white-red colored costumes and golden motif accessories, so beautiful and hypnotizing!

The theme of Belibis dance is taken from the story of "King Anglingdharma" who’s bewitched into Belibis. After bewitched, King Anglingdharma (in the form of Belibis) flying in the sky, following the guidance of the wind. On the adventure, he saw a group of Belibis that were chatting while enjoying the natural beauty. There arises a desire to join that group.

He began approached them, but sadly the groups of Belibis was so surprised when they heard Belibis (King Anglingdharma) can talk like a human. The group of Belibis refused him and left the King Anglingdharma on its own.

Costume and make up are the important element of dance performances. This can reinforce the dances expression and character, distinguishing types of dance, and beautify the look of a dancer so it can display the beauty of dance with the maximum.

Belibis dance using a combination of white and red costume with golden motifs. A pair of long white scarves with decorative motifs as wings adding the beauty of the costumes. There is also "gelungan or crown" and other accessories with the dominant color of golden yellow. The beauty can be seen when Belibis dancers flapping the beautiful white wings combined with white-red colored costumes and golden yellow accessories.


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