August 28, 2016

Cendrawasih Dance Bali

Cendrawasih Dance Bali

Balinese dance is part of an ancient dance tradition incorporate eyes, facial expressions, and bodily gestures. The dance tradition has become part of the religious and artistic expression among the Balinese people (also non-Balinese). Balinese dances are dynamic, angular, and intensely expressive and usually express the stories or dance-drama.

Cendrawasih Dance Bali Cendrawasih Dance. Indriati and Paulina (Dancers). Performance in Pentas Massal, Bandung. KKB Githa Saraswati, 2002

Cendrawasih dance is one of Balinese dance and often performed when promoting Indonesian culture (outside of Indonesia) in Peru (2002), Washington, D.C. (2008), Japan (2008) and Netherlands (2008).

Cendrawasih dance originally designed by I Gde Manik and first performed in the Sawan (Buleleng Regency) in 1920. However, this version is very different from the Cendrawasih dance which today generally staged.

The dance which is generally performed today originate from choreography by dance artists, N. L. N. Swasthi Wijaya Bandem (first performed in 1988). Cendrawasih dance and also other Balinese dance such as "Manuk Rawa" dance and "Belibis" dance, are inspired by the life of the bird.

Cendrawasih Dance Bali Cendrawasih Dance. Ratri (Dancer). Performance in Ubud Palace, Bali. KKB Githa Saraswati, 2008

Cendrawasih dance is inspired by the bird of paradise or cendrawasih bird in Indonesian. In Bali, this bird of paradise is known as "manuk dewata" (the bird of the gods). The dance is performed by two women, one portraying a male bird, and one portraying a female.

The dance takes the form of a mating ritual, the attractive and agile motion of the male birds, showing off the beauty to attract the female.

Cendrawasih Dance Bali Cendrawasih Dance. Dindha and Ratri (Dancers). Performance in Ubud Palace, Bali. KKB Githa Saraswati, 2008

The Cendrawasih dance performance begins by a dancer who serves as a male bird, followed by the next dancer as a female bird. Then both dancer moves and rotates while fluttering the wings depict the birds are in mating ritual. Then the female took a sitting position and showing off her beauty. While the male birds take a standing position looking for the female.

The male bird has the character of dance movements which agile and energetic. While the female bird is more soft and calm.

The costumes and makeup reflect the character and the bird itself. Dancers use maroon skirts with a golden motif and also a pair of flowing scarves as the yellow wings. The skirts serve as the colorful tails of the birds of paradise. While the yellow scarves give the impression of wings. The fluttering of the skirts (while moving) gives an impression of flight.


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