August 30, 2016

Manuk Rawa Dance Bali

Manuk Rawa Dance Bali

The beauty of life in nature has been inspiring the dance artists to create beautiful and qualified artwork. Manuk Rawa dance as one of the Balinese dance is inspired by the life of water-bird. This dance was created by Balinese dance artist, I Wayan Dibia in 1981, and the composer I Wayan Beratha.

Manuk Rawa Dance Bali Manuk Rawa. KKB Githa Saraswati. Bandung, 2002

The dance was originally part of the ballet of Mahabharata "Bale Gala-Gala" (ballet team of Ramayana / Mahabharata of the Bali Province) staged in Bali Arts Festival (PKB), in 1980. Then it separated and became a stand-alone dance.

It describes the behavior of birds (manuk) water (rawa), that joking cheerfully while foraging, as recounted in Wana Parwa (Epic Mahabharata).

Manuk Rawa Dance Bali Manuk Rawa. KKB Githa Saraswati. Bandung, 2008

Manuk Rawa is usually danced by a group of girls, as a medium of learning and entertainment. The dance movements are taken from Balinese traditional dance combined with the dance movements of Javanese and Sundanese.

Some modifications have been made to adjust to the demands of beauty. Manuk Rawa featuring the beautiful movements of water-birds (Manuk Rawa) reflected in the movement of play, looking for food in water, until flying and move from one position to another.

The dancers using costumes in the form of yellow-colored outer cloth, long yellow “stagen” and "gelungan" (crown). Dancers also use short pant just until knees that has the same color as the wings. It can be red or purple. The wings are always tied on dancer hands, so in the whole dance, Manuk Rawa have never been closing its wings. This dance has a beautiful color, energetic and attracts the attention of the audience.


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  3. Keluarga Kesenian Bali (KKB) Githa Saraswati, Otten 15, Bandung
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