August 31, 2016

Panji Semirang Bali - Dance & The Story

Panji Semirang Bali Dance, Panji Semirang Story

Panji Semirang dance movement is a gallant gesture yet smooth, telling the story of Princess Candra Kirana in disguise as men. This dance was created by Balinese dance artists, I Nyoman Kaler in 1942 and performed for the first time by Ni Luh Cawan. This dance is categorized as a subtle men-dance but usually danced by female dancers. Panji Semirang dance serves as dance performances, staged at certain events and also often contested.

Panji Semirang Bali Dance, Panji Semirang Story Panji Semirang. KKB Githa Saraswati, Bandung

The dance themes taken from the stories of Panji (Panji Cycle) that is estimated to come from the reign of the kingdom of Kediri in East Java. Panji story has several versions of its derivatives and have been scattered in several places around the archipelago. The main theme tells about the romance between Prince Panji and Princess Kirana. Some derivatives of Panji stories are: Panji Semirang, Smarandana, Chandra Kirana, Ande-Ande Lumut, and Keong Mas.

Clothing and make-up has an important role in art performance. It can be a hallmark of a dance and reinforce the dance character. Panji Semirang using costumes such as long "kancut" cloth, long yellow stagen in the abdomen, ampok-ampok in the waist, badong cloth in the neck, destar in head, and fan. Costume is also decorated with a pattern of golden-yellow motifs. The dancers usually carrying fan and perform dance movements while holding the tip of the "kancut" cloth.

Panji Semirang Story

Panji Semirang dance tells the romance of a princess, Dewi Candra Kirana (in disguise as men namely Panji Semirang) with a prince, Raden Panji Asmara Bangun (Raden Inu Kertapati). Dewi Candra Kirana, the princess of Kediri Kingdom has been engaged to Raden Panji Asmara Bangun of Janggala.

At the appointed time, Raden Inu headed to Kediri for his lover. Unfortunately, when he got in the kingdom, Raden Inu is told that the princess has experienced memory loss and left the palace. The Prince was also trapped by a trick of Dewi Liku for its own sake, but was foiled.

The prince continues his journey looking for her lover and finally meets with Panji Semirang. Panji Semirang finally opened his identity that he was Dewi Candra Kirana. Dewi Liku has caused her to lose her memory and went out of the palace. She has been cured by a hermit. Then, the princess disguised as men called Panji Semirang to find Raden Inu. Hearing this, the prince (Raden Inu) so happy, and finally back to Janggala with his lover, the Princess Kirana.


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