September 13, 2016

Kedonganan Fish Market - Jimbaran Bay fish market Bali

Kedonganan Fish Market , Jimbaran Bay Fish Market Bali , Fish Market Kedonganan Jimbaran

Kedonganan fish market is one of the largest markets of fish and seafood, in Bali. This market serves the needs of fish and seafood to the hotels and restaurants that are located in several areas such as Kuta, Nusa Dua and others. In Kedonganan area, there are a lot of fishing communities and get a living out of fish catches and seafood. The view of hundreds of brightly colored fishing boats, lined up neatly along the coast near the market. For lover of photography, you can capture the activities of fishermen along the beach and the atmosphere of the fish market.

Kedonganan Fish Market , Jimbaran Bay Fish Market Bali , Fish Market Kedonganan Jimbaran

Fish Market Kedonganan Jimbaran

The fish market has begun crowded early in the morning. It's because the buyers want to get the fresh fish that directly unloaded from the fishing boat. The fishermen usually docked back to the beach at the morning, after a night at sea to catch fish and seafood. The fish market is open from 08.00 am or perhaps even earlier, and closed up at 10.00 pm.

Here you can obtain marine catches such as prawns, lobsters, squids, scallops, crabs, oysters, octopus and types of marine fish with various sizes. The prices are very influenced by the seasons and also during the celebration of New Year's Eve. During the rainy season with strong winds blowing, the fish prices will rise because fishermen did not dare go to sea and leads to reduce the fish supply. Likewise, when New Year's Eve, so much demand for fish and seafood, decreasing the supply and prices are rising.

Kedonganan Fish Market , Jimbaran Bay Fish Market Bali , Fish Market Kedonganan Jimbaran

Jimbaran Bay fish market Bali

Entering the market you will be greeted by the aroma and a typical scene, fishy and full of fish, and fish again. The situation between traders hallways are narrow and muddy, coupled with merchants and other buyers passing by, the atmosphere of jostling sometimes is unavoidable.

Traders put the fish that are sold over the counter which is the "mainstay" of their kind. The rest is stored in a Styrofoam box filled with ice cubes, as cooling and extend the shelf life.

Kedonganan Fish Market , Jimbaran Bay Fish Market Bali , Fish Market Kedonganan Jimbaran

Buyers are able to bid the price for the fish they want. But the most important, you should be able to choosing fish that are still fresh and has good quality. You may notice the brightness of the skin color, rather hard of flesh, the fresh color of eyes and convex, and the fresh red color of gills. Note also, on fresh fish, scales and fins still fresh and attached firmly.

After shopping at the market, you can simply specify the processing method. If you don't want to think about it, you can immediately grilling fish at the stalls and small restaurants that are still located around the area of the fish market. For processing you will be charged per kilogram of the fish including marinade, of course with relatively low price compared to the restaurant and cafe.

The menu will be equipped with rice, "plecing kangkung" or vegetable and Balinese condiment (all with its own costs separate from grill cost). The experience to explore the fish market and its activities, enjoying delicious grilled seafood fresh from the market, with natural Balinese spices as tasty as seafood restaurants around Jimbaran Bay, it's worth a try!


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