June 20, 2017

Nunggalan Beach - Dramatic Coastal Landscape at Pecatu, Bali

Dramatic Coastal Landscape of Nunggalan Beach Bali

Nunggalan Beach Bali is a hidden beach, natural and has dramatic coastal landscape. This beach is lies on the bottom of the green cliffs. It has long white sand along with green vegetation, sea pandanus, big waves, and blue sea-water. Even so, this beauty can also be enjoyed from the cliff top, at the beginning of the trail to the beach.

Nunggalan Beach Bali, Pantai Nunggalan Bali

Nunggalan Beach

The beach is accessible from Jalan Batu Nunggalan, a small road on the left side at Jalan Uluwatu Pecatu toward Uluwatu Tempel, after the Government Office or "Perkekel Office" of Pecatu Village, district of South Kuta, Badung-Bali.

At the end of this paved road is Villa Plenilunio, parking is on the left and the route to the beach on the right. There is a footpath, at the end there are some booth souvenirs and also you will arrive at the trail downhill to the beach.

Nunggalan Beach Bali Pantai Nunggalan Bali

It is a downhill trekking path, natural stone steps (no concrete steps), sharp and steep. At some point the trail is narrow and dangerous. A sure footing is essential, especially in wet weather. There is no safety railing, just a row of hardwood.

During the walk, you can see a beach cobble (white colored) as a sign, placed on a fairly visible spot on the side of the trail and quite helpful. There are splits in the trail (T junctions), no sign and so confusing.

If you are still unsure of this, it is better to go with friend or guide (at least you are not walking alone). You could say this is a difficult trail and is not for everyone, but those who enjoy a good adventure should definitely try this out. Hopefully, this can be better in the future.

Pantai Nunggalan Bali Nunggalan Beach Bali, Pantai Nunggalan Bali

When normal, the trail can be reached for 20 minutes. The path is very natural, not much light due to the tree canopies. You may encounter few animals such as long-tailed monkeys, snakes, and birds.

At the end of the trail you will reach a clearing, a green grass field, and the natural scenery of jagged green cliffs. There is a well, many coconut trees, and sometimes locals shepherding their cattle here.

From this field you can see the natural white sand beaches, rows of screw-pine (Pandanus tectorius or Pandanus odoratissimus), widuri or crown flower (Calotropis gigantea), and some other green vegetation.

Nunggalan Beach Bali, Pantai Nunggalan Bali Pantai Nunggalan Bali

This beach has big and powerful waves, rolling up to the frothy edge. Nunggalan beach is still less visited, local and foreign tourists can be counted on the fingers. It might be influenced by the hidden location and difficult route.

As far as the eye view, there are only white sand, sea pandanus, blue sea water, and jagged cliffs with green vegetation. It is the perfect place to strolling and sunbathes while enjoying the tropical sun.

There are coral reefs on the beach that appear during low tide, and many little pools for soaking. For swimming, please be careful and keep in mind that waves are powerful, no beach guard, and aid can be difficult.

Nunggalan Beach Bali, Pantai Nunggalan Bali Nunggalan Beach Bali, Pantai Nunggalan Bali

Also seen remnants of abandoned ships on the beach and become an interesting spot for photography. There are some stalls on the beach, but it is not always easy to ascertain whether they operating or not. It is advisable to bring supplies.

In addition to natural and incredible scenery, this beach also has a romantic sunset view. However you are advised to enjoy it from the top of the cliff, at the starting point.

The route after sunset will be very dark and extremely dangerous. When back up, you will need more stamina due to the uphill route, plenty of rest and breathing. The trail can be very difficult even if you use a flashlight.


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