June 25, 2017

Green Bowl Beach in Bali - Serene & Mystical!

Green Bowl Beach is a lovely white sandy beach and has clear blue sea-water. This beach is not too broad, natural, quiet, and provide a serene atmosphere. The coral reef appears at the low tide, along with panoramic views of the steep cliff and green vegetation.

Green Bowl Beach In Bali, Green Ball Surf Bali

Green Bowl can be accessed from Jl. Pura Batu Pageh, in Ungasan Village, district of Kuta Selatan, Badung-Bali. This beach is situated in the southern coastline of the Bukit Peninsula, lined up with several beaches such as: Gunung Payung, Timbis, Pandawa, Melasti Ungasan, Nunggalan, and Nyang Nyang Beach.

After paying the entrance fee (IDR 5K on 2017), you can park in front of Pura Taman Batu Pageh. While Pura Batu Pageh itself is located on steep cliffs, and take the route through Pura Taman. At parking lot, few facilities are provided such as: food-stalls and toilets.

Green Bowl Beach Ungasan, Green Ball Surf Bali Green Ball Surf Bali

The beach can be accessed directly via the route on the parking lot, in the south. This is a route with hundreds of stairs, steep and slippery especially during wet weather. Safety railing is only in the beginning, after that is only row of hardwoods. If you meet other whom returned from the beach, one should stop for safety.

These steep steps require extra effort, especially when returning from the beach. This is not a beach for everyone, but for those who love adventure is certainly not a serious issue.

Green Ball Surf Bali Green Ball Surf Bali, Green Bowl Beach In Bali

Everything will be paid off when you reach the stunning beach at the bottom and there is a chance to see some primates (grey monkeys) along the route, really worth it!

The view is amazing, the white sand beach, clear blue sea-water, big waves, and steep cliffs with green vegetation and hardwood. The coral reefs are appearing during the low tide. There are also natural caves, wide, and have high cave-ceiling.

The caves are indeed a favorite object of visitors who come, either to take some pictures from the inside or just to enjoy the beauty of the beach, the calm atmosphere, and the peaceful environment. Sometimes you can see many local anglers here.

Green Ball Surf Bali, Green Bowl Beach In Bali Green Ball Surf Bali, Green Bowl Beach In Bali

One of the caves has big rokcs, covered with a green cloth and black-white plaid, complete with ceremonial umbrella that matches the cloth color. It gives a mystical vibration and become signs for sacred cave (for ritual purposes).

Many surfers also come to try their surfing adventure here in Green Bowl or often said Green Ball (this is exactly the same beach, perhaps something is lost in translation). This beach is known as the secret surf spot (in Bukit Peninsula) which offers good waves.

This spot is recommended for experienced surfers, the swell and current can be big and powerful, also the sharp coral and rocks. The wave can be surfed during the rainy season. There are no stalls on the beach, you are strongly advised to bring your own meals and drinks.


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