May 11, 2018

Manyar Beach in Ketewel, Gianyar - Bali

Pantai Manyar Bali

Manyar Beach is a black sandy beach with lovely rock formations, surrounded by green rice fields and situated amid the peaceful environment. While visiting this place, you can enjoy the scenic sunrise, Bali Mountains, Nusa Penida, and also a direct view to Sanur area.

Manyar Beach Bali, Pantai Manyar Ketewel, Pantai Manyar Bali

This coast is situated in Ketewel, Sukawati District, Gianyar Regency, Bali. It's less than an hour from Ngurah Rai International Airport. Drive east to the Jl. Prof. Dr. Ida Bagus Mantra in Gianyar. The beach is located on the southern side and only 600 meters from the main road.

Parking is a bit tight and will be more convenient if you use a motorcycle. From the main road, you will pass through the rice fields, traditional Balinese houses, and arrive at the waterfront with traditional gazebos (pavilions).

Manyar Beach Bali, Pantai Manyar Ketewel, Pantai Manyar Bali Manyar Beach Bali, Pantai Manyar Ketewel, Pantai Manyar Bali

There is a footpath along the coast, as well as a structure to hold the waves. This is a favorite spot for strolling, beach-side jog or bike ride. This beach is also a magnet for photography lovers. They come at dawn to capture the sunrise combined with the movement of water on the rocks.

At high tide there is no sand at all, the waves rolled up to the revetment, and not possible for water activities. However during low tide, this is a fine-smooth black sandy beach, expanses and dotted with rock formations. You can feel the fresh atmosphere, enjoy the waves and blue water, playing sand, explore the reef rocks, soaking, and swimming. The waves here are big and strong so need to be careful.

It's also one of the great fishing spots. The rock formation near the coast has provided a nice place for fish, crabs and other marine life in searching for food. Many anglers are spotted on the revetment, waiting enthusiastically. The traditional wooden boats are line up on the land, colorful and blend with the surroundings.

This beach need more care so that the visitors can enjoy the astounding view and feel more comfortable. It can create more job opportunity. The beach has minimal shade for shelter (except the gazebo) and really hot during the day. It would be great if you visit in the morning or afternoon when the air is cool with soft light.


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