July 30, 2018

Soma Ribek Ceremony in Bali

Soma Ribek is celebrated as an expression of gratitude to the Creator in the manifestation as Sang Hyang Trimerta (Tri Mertha) for the abundant grace of food and beverages. The ceremony is held two days after Saraswati, precisely on Monday or Soma Pon wuku Sinta and held every 210 days (6 months in Bali Calendar).

Soma Ribek Ceremony Bali, Upacara Soma Ribek Bali

July 23, 2018

Watu Klotok Temple Bali - Holy Temple and Serene Atmosphere

Watu Klotok Temple is situated on the edge of grayish black sand beach, hidden behind rice fields and canopy trees. This sacred temple has beautiful blue sea panorama, the Mount Agung as backdrop, and also direct view to Nusa Penida Island. You can enjoy a long stretch of glittering sand and occasionally gaze at the lush rice fields of the surrounding farming village.

Watu Klotok Temple Bali, Sejarah Pura Watu Klotok Klungkung

July 15, 2018

Banyu Pinaruh Day Bali - A Celebration of the Sacred Water of Knowledge

Banyu Pinaruh ritual is a day of cleansing, ritual for self-purification. This celebration is held every 210 days (every 6 months in the Balinese calendar) and fall on Sunday or Redite Paing wuku Sinta, a day after Saraswati. This is the starting point of the new Wuku Cycle.

Banyu Pinaruh Day Bali, Banyu Pinaruh Ritual, Banyu Pinaruh Saraswati

July 4, 2018

Segara Beach Kuta - Nice Surf and Scenic Sunset in Badung, Bali

Segara Beach Kuta is a beautiful white sandy beach, shady, with panoramic blue water and a pleasant atmosphere. This spot has good waves and has long attracted many surfers both local and international. In addition, the beach is endowed with a stunning sunset panorama. Every visitor who comes will be amazed by its beauty.

Segara Beach Kuta Bali, Pantai Segara Kuta Bali