April 29, 2019

Wiranata Dance - Tari Wiranata Bali

Wiranata Dance, one of the traditional Balinese dances with beautiful choreography. The art work is crafted attractively by the dance artist I Nyoman Ridet, around the 1960s. Other sources mention in 1945 when the Republic of Indonesia gained its independence.

Wiranata Dance Bali, Tari Wiranata Bali

The general theme depicts a brave king, heroic, unyielding and protecting his people. The meaning contained in the wiranata dance is similar to the meaning of "Viranatha" in Sanskrit, which means having a hero as protector.

Wiranata Dance Bali (Tari Wiranata)

The dance is usually performed by a female dancer (solo), but sometimes done in a group with more dancers. This is categorized as a balih - balihan dance, which is done for entertainment or enliven an event and also for traditional dance competition.

The dancer display dynamic and graceful dance moves. This is a sweet combination of eye movements, charming expressions and the strains of the dancer's fingers, stunning and lively. This beautiful traditional dance is accompanied by musical instrument of the gamelan Gong Kebyar.

The dancer uses beautiful make-up and costume with harmonious blends of colors. The dancer hair is styled in such a way and is wearing “gelungan” (udeng or headpiece), “rumbing” on ear, some “gonjer” flowers and other flowers adorn the hair and ear.

The “sabuk prada” (a long yellow scarf with gold motifs) is wrapped around the torso to the chest. Then the “tutup dada” is worn circularly to the back and the safety pins are used to hold them together.

The female dancer also wears other accessories such as: badong, gelang kana (wrist and arm bands), and ampok-ampok (carved belt). While the lower half of the dancer body is covered with a patterned cloth, called “kain lancingan”.

This is a beautiful work, a blend of dance movements, expressions, accompaniment of traditional gamelan musical and colorful costume. This combination makes the atmosphere of the performance so lively and fascinating for everyone who witnesses it.


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