June 12, 2023

Early Childhood Learning Panji Semirang Dance (Balinese Traditional Dance)

Balinese dance is an integral part of the daily life of its people. This traditional dance has its own charm and charisma that captivates the audience.

Video link: https://youtu.be/L56AYwbzqPI

The dancers usually learn to dance from early childhood. It is said that they were taught to dance with their tiny hands before they could walk. The beauty of Balinese dance is displayed through body movements such as fingers, hands, feet, head and eyes. Usually there is a story in the dance.

Dance activities for early childhood can have a positive impact on the development of all children's potential as well as their skills. As for the benefits of dancing activities for early childhood such as: improving memory, improving children's health, stimulating creativity, channeling emotions, social skills, and others.

This video is a practice of performing Balinese traditional dance by students from the Keluarga Kesenian Bali Githa Saraswati, which takes place at the Bali Student Dormitory "Viyata Tirthagangga", Jl. Dr. Otten No.15, Pasir Kaliki, Bandung City (West Java). The students performed the Panji Semirang Dance according to their class level. It was seen that the dance trainer accompanied and guided them very well and enthusiastically.


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