August 24, 2016

Lake Batur hot spring at Toya Bungkah Kintamani Bali

Lake Batur Hot Spring, Batur natural Hot Spring at toya bungkah Kintamani Bali

Enjoying the panoramic beauty of the lake and mountains, while soaking in the hot spring pool is certainly a unique experience that could only be obtained at a special location. One of the locations in Bali which have those three things is the hot spring bathing pool located in the Desa Pekraman Batur, District of Kintamani, Bangli Regency, Bali.

Lake Batur Hot Spring, Batur natural Hot Spring at toya bungkah Kintamani Bali

Lake Batur Hot Spring

This hot spring is located on the edge of the Lake Batur, which is also a part of Batur Caldera. In addition to the lake, Batur Caldera is also home for an active stratovolcano namely Batur Volcano (1,717 meters asl). This hot spring offers an experience of soaking in natural hot spring.

A hot spring is formed by the emergence of geothermal heated groundwater that rises through the Earth's crust. In general, the temperature of rocks within the earth increases with depth. If water percolates deeply enough into the crust, it will be heated as it comes into contact with hot rocks.

Hot springs are natural phenomena and found around the world. Throughout the centuries, people have enjoyed these natural wonders for their scenic beauty, scientific value and mysterious natural healing powers. While soaking, visitors can also recharge and relaxing, enjoy the beauty of the Lake Batur, direct view to the Mount Abang, Mount Batur and Batur Caldera Wall, enjoy the cool mountain climate and breathe clean air.

The benefits of soaking in the hot springs is that heated water can hold more dissolved solid minerals than cold water. The warm heated water especially hot springs have very high mineral content, containing everything from simple calcium to lithium, and even radium. Therefore, hot spring water is believed as therapeutic water which has many benefits to sufferers of ailments such as psoriasis, eczema, dandruff, warts, arthritis, shingles and muscle aches.

There are several pools at Lake Batur hot spring including pool for children, therapy and swimming pool. So that there is enough space for soaking as well for swimming. In addition, there are also several facilities such as restaurants, restrooms, locker room and even several gazebos for shelter. The hot spring is managed by Village Pekraman Batur. This place is highly recommended for lovers of hot spring.


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