September 16, 2018

Nelayan Dance (Tari Nelayan Bali) - The Fisherman Dance of Bali

Tari Nelayan (Fisherman Dance) was created in 1960 by one of the dance artists I Ketut Merdana in Buleleng, Bali. This dance depicts the lives of fishermen with their daily activities of catching fish. The movements displayed by dancers such as pantomime in which dancers express the meaning of dance through gestures, so that it is easy to understand.

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The movements include rowing movements, spreading fish nets, pierced by fish spines, and various body and hand movements. The dance was carried out in groups, consisting of one male dancer and two female dancers.

The male dancer entered the stage first, a few moments later the female dancer appeared and then they dance together with dynamic movements. This dance is accompanied by gamelan gong kebyar.

The Fisherman Dance along with Farming Dance (Tari Tani) and Weaving Dance (Tari Tenun) has become a distinct marker of a crucial time in Indonesian history. Now these dances are purely displayed to entertain the audience by wearing beautiful traditional Balinese costumes.

The harmony and beauty of color will produce an attractive appearance. Therefore, makeup and costumes play an important role in a dance performance. The male dancer wore udeng (head clothes), badong, tutup dada, sabuk prada (yellow scarf), gelang kana (bracelet), ampok-ampok, "rumbing" on the ear and a cloth with an attractive prada motif at the lower part.

While female dancers wear "lelunakan" style for the upper. The lelunakan yellow scarf along with the dancer’s hair are shaped in such a way, decorated with gonjer flowers, golden flowers, red flowers, and wearing "subeng" on the ear.

For the lower part, the female dancer wearing a prada patterned cloth and a yellow scarf (sabuk prada) that covers from the waist to the chest. While the red scarf wrapped around the outside, giving the impression of charm and beauty. The dancers are also equipped with dance property namely "dungki", a container for storing fish.


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