July 31, 2019

Seseh Beach - A Serene Black Sand Beach at Cemagi, Mengwi, Bali

A cool atmosphere enveloped Seseh Beach that morning, not much activity. This is a low-laying black sand beach with nice seascapes and surrounded by vast rice fields, coconut trees and peaceful rural environments. You can enjoy breathtaking views of the Indian Ocean, sacred temples, traditional outrigger boats, and lovely blue water. It offers a panoramic view of the pristine beaches with Balinese traditional houses in the vicinity. This presents an atmosphere of slow and serene rural life, an opportunity for relaxation by the sea.

Seseh Beach Badung, Pantai Seseh Badung Bali

This spot is situated in Cemagi Village, Mengwi, Badung Regency, Bali. This spot is easily accessible by car and less than an hour from Ngurah Rai International Airport.

You can reach it through the Jl. Sunset Road then continues on the Jl. Raya Canggu. Follow this road until you hit the Jl. Raya Munggu/Jl. Raya Seseh in Mengwi. Then continue onto the Jl. Pantai Seseh in Cemagi and drive to Jl. Pura Kramat.

A beautiful beach will be seen at the end of this road with extensive parking so that it is more flexible. Around this beach there are several villas if you decide to stay overnight and enjoy the charm offered.

Seseh Beach Badung, Seseh Beach Bali Surf Seseh Beach Badung, Seseh Beach Bali Surf, Pantai Seseh Badung Bali

Seseh Beach and the surrounding area are part of all physical and spiritual activities, especially for local residents in the vicinity. This is a rural area with agricultural life as well as a place for fishermen to carry out their activities.

Plenty of traditional boats are neatly lined, colorful, and harmonious with natural coastal panoramas. In the morning, you might find some fishermen who have just returned from the sea with a boat full of catches. You can try to buy it directly on location, if you are interested.

While the surrounding area is a vast expanse of lush rice fields that seem endless. Farmers are busy with their fields, hoeing, driving tractors, burning straw and also maintaining the irrigation channels that distribute waters to paddy fields.

If you visit during the harvest season, you can see golden yellow rice, harvesting process and also farmers drying the grain. This is certainly a special attraction and gives you a different experience.

Seseh Beach Badung, Seseh Beach Bali Surf, Pantai Seseh Badung Bali Seseh Beach Badung, Seseh Beach Bali Surf, Pantai Seseh Badung Bali

Around the beach there are several large temples and have significant spiritual values, such as: Pura Kahyangan Jagat Luhur Ulun Swi, Pura Dalem Lan Prajapati, Pura Luhur Batu Bolong, Pura Prajapati, Pura Kramat Ratu Mas Sakti, and other. During the piodalan anniversary Balinese will come together for praying and blessing.

The beach is also hosted several Balinese rituals such as: Melasti, Nangluk Merana, Mulang Pekelem, Melarung Bumi, etc. This sacred ritual aims to seek for purification, well-being, protection from danger, and salvation. This beach is indeed having a great spiritual nuance and is highly respected.

Seseh Beach Badung, Seseh Beach Bali Surf, Pantai Seseh Badung Bali Seseh Beach Badung, Seseh Beach Bali Surf, Pantai Seseh Badung Bali Seseh Beach Badung, Seseh Beach Bali Surf, Pantai Seseh Badung Bali

There is a beach revetment in front of the temple to protect this beach from abrasion. The beach is quite shady and beautiful, lots of trees around the parking and in front of the temple. There is also a "wantilan" (meeting hall) if you want to take shelter on a hot day. This beach is adjacent to Munggu Beach on the eastern end, only separated by a small river that flows into the sea.

This beach is also known as one of the surf spots among surfers and there are also communities, the Seseh Surf Community. The waves can be fast and challenging. There is also a surfboard rental and you can take surf lessons. This spot is also close to famous surf spots, Pererenan Beach and Echo Beach.

This is a fun weekend getaway, nice place for family picnic and play with children. The beach is relatively quiet and cool in the morning. Visitors can spend the time for a leisurely walk or beachside jog along the sandy stretch. There are a few loungers and parasols you can rent while relaxing and enjoy the blue water. The waves here are big and strong, not recommended for swimming.

This is a hidden pearl with calm atmospheres, not touristy but a popular spot among locals. This is perfect for those of you who want to find tranquility or escape daily routines. Relaxing on the soft sand while enjoying the waves crushing the rocks on the beach. The beach is situated on the West Coast of Bali and is blessed with a magical sunset. This creates a relaxing vibe along the coast and rejuvenates your body and soul.


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