August 5, 2019

Mengening Beach Cemagi Bali - Nice Scenery and Serene Black Sand Beach of Cemagi Village

Mengening Beach in Cemangi is one of Bali's natural wonders, an amazing hidden gem. This is a black sandy beach tucked at the base of a low sea cliff. The beach offers breathtaking scenery of the Indian Ocean, nice waves and rocks, blue water, sea cliff formations, greeneries and vast rice fields on its surroundings. This is a peaceful environment with slow life pace, bringing a new experience for each who visits it.

Mengening Beach Bali, Pantai Mengening Cemagi Mengwi Badung

This spot is situated in Cemagi Village, Mengwi, Badung Regency, Bali. This spot is easily accessible, about one hour from Ngurah Rai International Airport.

You can reach it through the Jl. Raya Canggu then continues on the Jl. By Pas Tanah Lot. Follow this road until you hit the Jl. Pantai Seseh in Mengwi. Then continue on the Jl. Pantai Mengening and take the Jl. Pratu Rai Madra until the end.

You will pass traditional Balinese houses, several road bends, paddy fields and many beachfront villas. It's a bit difficult. It would be nice to check the map before you leave for the location. The parking is near a green garden, specifically for motorbikes. This is less flexible if you use a car and park on the roadside.

Mengening Beach Bali, Mengening Black Sand Beach Pantai Mengening Cemagi Mengwi Badung, Mengening Black Sand Beach

The panorama of rice fields along the access road to the beach is so beautiful and soothing. This is a great spot for morning biking while enjoying the fresh air in a traditional countryside. You can stop a while and enjoy this miracle.

There is a magnificent holy temple right at the end, perched on a large boulder that jutted into the sea, the Pura Gede Luhur Batu Ngaus. A beautiful holy temple with traditional Balinese architecture, but not open for public.

Local Hindus usually gather in locations during certain ceremonies that take place at sacred temples or when performing the Melasti ceremony on the beach. The location is close to Tanah Lot Temple, so it can be an alternative vacation during the peak season.

Mengening Beach Bali, Mengening Black Sand Beach Mengening Beach Bali, Pantai Mengening Cemagi Mengwi Badung, Mengening Black Sand Beach Mengening Beach Bali, Mengening Black Sand Beach

There is a beautiful garden to just sit and relax near the entrance gate. This is the perfect spot to see panoramas around the beach and also for fishing. It's also one of the best spots for rock fishing. The coral reef and rock around the beach have provided a nice place for fish and marine life. At low tide, visitors can explore the beautiful beach below and the coral crevices.

A little far east, near the road bend, there is a path that leads to another sacred temple, the Pura Dalem Segara. This path is a perfect sunset observation spot towards the west, with natural view setting of the black sandy beach, waves, big rocks, low cliffs, and the sacred shrine of Pura Gede Luhur Batu Ngaus.

Mengening Beach Bali, Pantai Mengening Cemagi Mengwi Badung Mengening Beach Bali, Pantai Mengening Cemagi Mengwi Badung, Mengening Black Sand Beach Mengening Beach Bali, Pantai Mengening Cemagi Mengwi Badung, Mengening Black Sand Beach

This is a smooth black sandy beach with big waves, blue water, holy temple, rock and low cliff formation. The waves crash against the rocks and delivering white froth foam to the fine-black sand the shore. While greeneries, shrub and screw-pine dotted the low sea cliff. This spot is still rarely visited by tourists, usually there are many local residents at sunset.

The atmosphere is quiet, a good place to refresh your eyes and mind. This is the marvel of nature, a peaceful beach where people get away from the crowds to feel tranquility. This is a great spot for taking pictures and enjoying the sound of the waves. Many marriage couples take wedding shoots here. The sunset is absolutely stunning and is recommended for landscape photographers.

This is a fun weekend getaway, a nice place to chill and has a great view for a leisurely walk. It's also great for beachside jogs, or morning yoga while enjoying the laid-back feel and cool sea-breeze. The waves are big and powerful, must be careful. This spot not recommended for swimming. If you decide to stay, many good villas are available around the beach.

The beach is situated on the West Coast of Bali and is blessed with a great sunset. This is an amazing composition of black sandy beach, crashing waves, cliff and coral rocks, holy temple and sunset, creating an exotic and romantic coastal panorama. This presents a nice vibe, rejuvenating your mind and soul. This beach provides an opportunity for relaxation and peaceful escape by the sea.


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