August 29, 2019

Belong Beach Bali - Great View And Nice Waves For Surfing

Belong Beach is a hidden pearl, stunning grayish-black sandy beach with a great view of rice fields, coconut groves and a peaceful environment. The fresh sea breeze and white sea-froth seemed to greet every visitor who came here. You can enjoy breathtaking views of the Indian Ocean, big waves, nice blue water, and beautiful sunset. It offers a calm seaside atmosphere, perfect for relaxing.

Belong Beach Bali, Pantai Pangkung Tibah, Belong Beach Surf

Belong Beach is often referred to as Pantai Pangkung Tibah, tucked up between Pig Stone Beach Langudu and Kedungu Beach. The spot is situated in Pangkung Tibah Village, Kediri, Tabanan Regency, Bali. This spot is easily accessible and less than an hour from Ngurah Rai International Airport.

You can reach it through the Jl. Raya Canggu to the Jl. Raya By Pass Tanah Lot. Then continue on the Jl. Pantai Kedungu in Beraban. Then continue on the Jl. Segara in Pangkung Tibah. Follow this road until the beach at the southern end and you have found it.

You will pass many Balinese traditional houses and rice fields with a calm atmosphere. This beach can be accessed by car, but it is more convenient to use a motorcycle. Visitors can park directly on the beach or on the road-side. There is no specific spot for parking.

Belong Beach Bali, Belong Beach Surf

There is a simple food-stall at the end of the road where you can get some snacks and drinks or just to relax. There is a motor cross circuit on the left, but it looks like there is a development project at that location.

In front of the beach, there are traditional pavilion buildings which are under construction. While around the beach there are also vast rice fields, with several coconut groves, and other hardwoods.

This long beach has beautiful seascapes and tranquil atmosphere. There is a cliff on the west and a temple perched on it. While at the eastern end there is a large river, a holy temple, and Kedungu Beach is right next to it. When the water is receding, the river is possible to be crossed.

Belong Beach Bali, Pantai Pangkung Tibah, Belong Beach Surf

This beach is also one of the favorite surf spots for surfers. The surf break is located a bit far from the beach and you need to paddle to reach it. When the waves are at work, this spot is usually crowded by surfers. Belong Beach is also close to other famous surfing spots such as: Kedungu Beach (just a short walk), Yeh Gangga Beach and Tanah Lot Beach. When other spots are crowded with surfers, this spot can be an alternative.

This beach seems to not only attract surfers, but also surf fishing lovers. This type of beach is a natural habitat for fish such as whiting and bream. The anglers were already seen here when I arrived, chances are they arrived much earlier. They look so enthusiastic around the river mouth and one of the have gotten a strike.

Belong Beach Bali, Pantai Pangkung Tibah, Belong Beach Surf Belong Beach Bali, Pantai Pangkung Tibah, Belong Beach Surf Belong Beach Bali, Pantai Pangkung Tibah, Belong Beach Surf

This beach is still quiet and natural, not many buildings around it. This spot is still few of visitors, away from the crowd and no hawkers. This is a nice place to relax while enjoying the waves and the cool sea breeze. You can spend time here, walking along the coastline, taking pictures, or just sitting and enjoying the calm atmosphere of the beach.

It's also nice for family picnics and accompanying children playing sand on the beach. In addition, you can also try sunbathing or other activities such as morning yoga, taking your dog for a walk, or morning biking down the beach then to the lush rice fields. This beach is not recommended for swimming and wading, the waves and current are strong and sometimes can be so deadly.

The beach is situated on the West Coast of Bali and is blessed with a magnificent sunset. This creates a relaxing vibe and romantic atmosphere along the coast. You can spend time while walking on the beach and enjoy the quiet and romantic atmosphere offered. This is a lovely beach and every visitor who comes will be amazed by its beauty.


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