July 29, 2020

Patung Kanda Pat Sari in Klungkung BALI

Patung Kanda Pat Sari is situated right in the heart of Semarapura City and is one of the landmarks of Klungkung Regency. Semarapura is the administrative center of Klungkung Regency, which is famous for its arts and culture in Bali.

Patung Kanda Pat Sari

This magnificent and artistic statue is located at the main crossing (catus pata) of the Jl. Gajah Mada, Jl. Diponegoro, Jl. Puputan, and Jl. Untung Surapati, within the administrative area of Klungkung Regency, Bali.

Around the spot there are many interesting attractions worth visiting, exploring deeper into Semarapura City.

  • Kerta Gosa, an ancient court place during the royal period, before colonized by the Dutch.
  • Taman Gili and Bale Kambang with beautiful architecture adorned with traditional Kamasan paintings.
  • Semarajaya Museum with a collection of handicrafts from Klungkung and other historical objects.
  • Pamedal Agung, the main gate of Semarapura Palace.
  • Puputan Klungkung Monument, a historical monument that reminds a final great battle of the King of Klungkung against the Dutch army on April 28, 1908.
  • Other attractions, not too far from the statue such as: Wisata Kali Unda, Pasar Endek Klungkung, Tourism Village Kamasan, and Nyoman Gunarsa Museum.

The best way to see the Kanda Pat Sari Statue is to drive directly to the spot or book a tour package and then stop by for a while and take some photos. Then, you can continue to next destinations. This is more efficient. You can optimize the short visit time and enjoy more interesting spots in Bali.

The statue tells the story of four brothers or "catur sanak" who accompanied humans at birth, namely: the placenta, umbilical cord, blood, and fluid (yeh nyom).

Balinese Hindu believes that by respecting and always remembering the four brothers, people will get happiness and protection. The four brothers are described as four statues facing the four cardinal directions.

This is a statue by Ida Bagus Tugur from Geria Cucukan Klungkung. The statue has a great philosophical meaning that people should always maintain harmonious relations with other fellow or "catur desa", achieve balance, and uphold the tolerance of the customs and culture diversity.

The statue is quite big also highly respected by the community and is the center of celebrations such as Tawur Agung, Ogoh-Ogoh Parade, Semarapura Festival, etc. This spot is usually crowded in the afternoon and weekends. This is a relaxed and cool place to hang out, take pictures, just relax, and recreation with family.


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