September 24, 2020

How To Buy Souvenirs You'll Appreciate When Traveling

A pleasant vacation cannot be separated from souvenirs. There will always be a reason for you to take them home, for keepsakes or personal collections, gifts for friends or family, or something special for your loved one. It is something that reminds you of a certain place and time.

How To Buy Souvenirs, Souvenir Shopping Bali

Make sure you get a certain impression or something meaningful from these souvenirs. A souvenir that represents a particular culture from a place can give a lifetime memory. Nice souvenirs really deserve to be collected and added to the souvenir shelf at home.

Just buy if you really like it, because it cannot be ascertained that it is available in other stores or you don't have time to go back to buy it. You also need to consider that souvenirs will take up additional space in the suitcase. Make sure you leave room for them.

Here are some tips as a reference on how to buy souvenirs when traveling and hopefully you can find the souvenirs you'll appreciate.

1. Find Some Information

You can search for information online about the culture of the place you are visiting. Find out what made the place famous (history, food, drink, art, etc.). After that you can consider the souvenir you want to buy, find out the production center or artisan workshop in that place, including the manufacturing technique.

You can also find information about local art markets that are widely recommended and find reference prices for souvenirs. Last but not least, make sure that the souvenirs you want to buy don't get you in legal trouble when return home.

2. Make a List and Set a Budget

Making a list of the people and souvenirs you want to buy will make it easier for you. Hunting for souvenirs while on vacation is sometimes tiring and also the time may be limited. The list you make will be very helpful in that situation.

In addition, you also have to set a budget related to how much you are willing to pay for a souvenir, for example when you want to buy a classy souvenir. As an alternative, you can shop at the local art market which offers a variety of local souvenirs at a more affordable price.

3. The Useful Souvenirs

There is nothing wrong if you consider the usefulness of the souvenirs you are going to buy. It would be better if it could be used to simplify your daily activities, other than just a decoration.

Some of the usual kitchen utensils can be chosen, such as: bottle opener, condiment set, tea towel, etc. Besides being able to capture a moment, it is also useful for reducing your shopping expenses.

4. Go for Local Artisans

This is a way to capture authentic impressions and local culture. You can also find out the inspiration behind souvenirs and interact with local artisans. This is also proof that you have visited their place or workshop. You can collect art painting, handicraft, jewelry, hand weaving, figurine, etc.

Visitors who buy local souvenirs directly support artists and small businesses. By buying authentic local souvenirs, the profits will go to the pockets of local artisans. In turn, the money will be reinvested in the local community or village, at least for purchasing local raw materials.

5. Edible Souvenirs

You can consider the special food and drinks from the place as souvenirs. It is indeed a great souvenir and everyone loves it. These souvenirs run out quickly, but there will be a piece of flavor from your vacation.

This can be enjoyed together while sharing stories with friends or other family members. They will have the opportunity to taste unique flavors and enjoy the sensation of the place where you vacation. So don't hesitate to buy this souvenir during your vacation.


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