January 23, 2021

Kijang Kencana Dance (Tari Kijang Kencana Bali)

Tari Kijang Kencana is one of the works created by dance choreographer I Gusti Agung Ngurah Supartha and composer I Wayan Beratha. The dance was created in 1983. Tari Kijang Kencana or "golden deer dance" takes the theme of a group of deer with a lively and joyful character.

Kijang Kencana Dance Bali, Tari Bali Kidang Kencana, Tari Kijang Kencana Bali

This dance depicts the joy of a flock of deer (kidang) in the wilderness. When the full moon is shining, this beautiful animal sheds its joy, running, jumping and chatting while enjoying the moonlight.

Then the happy atmosphere turned into a riot due to the actions of one of them, which led to a misunderstanding. The other deer agreed to punish the culprit. Luckily, the misunderstanding was quickly resolved, and the deer reconciled.

This work is usually danced in group by young girls with full of energy. All dancers display dynamic and agile movements resembling those of a deer. Every movement of the dancer blends harmoniously with the strains of Balinese gamelan music really amazes the audience.

The dancers wear beautiful costumes with a predominantly golden yellow color complete with decorative antlers, so that it really presents the look of an agile deer.

The top of the dancer wears a special headdress for the golden deer dance with unique antler ornament, subeng jewelry and ear accessories (sumping). Then put on a shining-yellow blouse, badong, gelang kana, tutup dada, sabuk prada, and ampok-ampok at the waist. While for the lower part, wear a below knee pant coated with a gold patterned cloth, a yellow scarf and ankle ornament.


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