December 25, 2020

Yudapati Dance (Tari Yudapati Bali)

Yudapati dance is a beautiful creation of the famous artist I Wayan Beratha. He is a dance artist as well as a gamelan musician who has produced many works of art and also provides guidance in villages around Bali. Yudapati dance was created by the maestro in 1958 and the instrumental Swabuana Paksa in 1959.

Yudapati Dance, Tari Yudapati Bali

Yudapati comes from the word 'yuda' which means warrior or hero and 'pati' which means protect. This mesmerizing dance depicts the characteristics of a hero or warrior who is brave, loyal, helpful, sacrifices and puts the interests of the common people first.

This warrior dance is performed by female dancers, usually in groups. The dance is accompanied by a traditional musical instrument, Balinese Gamelan.

The dancers entered the stage, forming a formation accompanied by lively fan movements. The sweet smile and fine character of the female have balanced the dance character that is assertive, brave and energetic of a warrior.

Every eye movement and gesture of the dancer look amazing. This beautiful flow of motion blends harmoniously with the accompaniment of the gamelan musical and creating an extraordinary work of art. The female dancers wear traditional costumes with interesting blend of colors, enhancing their performance.

All dancers wear headdress (udeng), subeng / rumbing and flowers on the ears and their hair are styled in such a way. The dancers wore badong, gelang kana (bracelet), tutup dada, sabuk prada (long belt), and ampok-ampok. Meanwhile, the lower half wore a short black trouser covered by a long cloth (kekancutan) with a beautiful motif. The female dancers holding a beautiful Balinese hand fan.


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