April 23, 2021

Omed-Omedan Tradition In South Denpasar Bali

Omed-omedan is a festival held by youth groups in Banjar Kaja, Sesetan, Denpasar City. This is a tradition passed down from generation to generation and is held during Ngembak Geni, the day after Nyepi Day. In this tradition, the male and female participants are engaged in a kissing procession, known as the "kissing festival".

Omed-omedan comes from a local term which means to pull. This event involved unmarried male and female participants aged 17 to 30 years. This festival aims to strengthen the sense of togetherness and kinship in the local community.

It is said that the omed-omedan festival was started by residents of the Puri Oka Kingdom in South Denpasar. The residents took the initiative to make a game (omed-omedan). The game is getting more and more interesting and rowdy.

The King of Puri Oka, who was sick, was disturbed by the noise. The King came out to see and miraculously the King's pain was gone, he was healed. Then he ordered that the festival be held every year.

One time, this tradition was not held at all and something strange happened. There were two wild boars fighting each other in front of the temple. The residents considered this a bad sign, and called on youth groups to carry out the omed-omedan. Since then, this tradition has been held regularly so that the village is protected from danger.

Omed-omedan begins with a prayer at the temple to ask for safety during the procession. Then proceed with the performance of the sacred art of Barong Bangkung. After that, youth groups were divided into men's and women's groups, and took opposite positions on the main road.

A village leader gives a signal for the group to approach each other. Once close, the front participants will hug each other, then the cheeks touch and even kiss. The two participants were splashed with water until they were soaked, while the others "ngedengin" or pull each other.

This tradition attracts hundreds of people and is a meeting place for singles. This festival takes place lively with traditional Balinese gamelan accompaniment. Visitors who bring electronic items (cameras or cellphones) should be well prepared as the ritual involves lots of water being splashed around.


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