April 19, 2021

Gebug Ende Seraya in Karangasem Bali

Gebug Ende is a hereditary tradition in Seraya Village, Karangasem Regency. The tradition is believed to be a ritual to bring down the rain. Gebug Ende begins with a ceremony to ask for activities to run smoothly and provide prosperity for the community.

It is said that the Gebug Ende tradition began after the battle that took place between the Karangasem Kingdom and the Selaparang Kingdom (Lombok).

This is a contest of dexterity carried out by men, both adults and children. Each participant carries a long rattan stick called "gebug", and a shield made from dried cowhide called "ende".

This rattan war tradition is believed by local people as a ritual to the Creator so that rain can fall immediately and give life also fertility to agricultural land.

Seraya Village has a dry environment, and people rely heavily on rainwater for agriculture. This tradition is usually held at Sasih Kapat around October or December.

The tradition of Gebug Ende is led by a referee called "saye". Participants will hit each other with rattan sticks or block the opponent's attack with a shield. Each participant is not allowed to hit in the waist area down and is not allowed to cross the player's territory.

Each participant wears traditional Balinese clothes consisting of: red headdress (udeng), fabric, shawl, and checkered cloths. To increase the spirit of the participants, this ritual is accompanied by a set of musical instruments or gamelan.


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