December 30, 2021

Wayang Sudamala Art Bali

Wayang Sudamala is one of the sacred arts related to ceremonial or ritual activities for Balinese Hindus. This is one of the three sacred puppet arts (wayang wali) in Bali, namely: Wayang Lemah, Wayang Sapuleger, and Wayang Sudamala.

The word Sudamala comes from the word "suddha" which means clean/bright (holy), and "mala" which means dirty/polluted. This is a purification ritual from spiritual impurities (niskala) in humans and the spirit of someone who has died.

Wayang Sudamala has a function for "ruwatan" rituals, to purify the spirit of someone who has died, who during his life experienced strange things, such as: suffering from a strange disease, died unnaturally (salah pati, ulah pati), died while pregnant (ngadut manik), etc.

The process of death of people who experience these sufferings is considered to have shackled their souls. Therefore, it is necessary to perform wayang sudamala to free the spirit.

According to people's beliefs, the performance of wayang sudamala can help the soul of someone who has died from the grip of suffering and restore its purity. Sudamala puppet is usually performed during the Nyekah ceremony, Ngaben ceremony, and certain times that are considered good for carrying out the purification ritual.

The staging is usually done at night by using a screen (Kelir) and an oil lamp (Belencong). At the end of the show, a procession is usually held to ask for holy water, namely Tirta Sudamala. This art performance is accompanied by a melodious gamelan Gender Wayang.


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