December 30, 2018

Janger Dance Bali (Tari Janger)

Janger Dance has developed popularly as a youth social dance, a meeting place between janger dancers from other villages. This dance is done in groups, around 10 pairs of young men and women.

Janger Dance Bali, Tari Janger Bali

The group of female dancers is called Janger, while a group of male dancers is called Kecak. They dance in beautiful gamelan rhythms while singing Janger songs.

Sources mentioned that janger dance was created in 1930. The dance was once used as a media for political campaigns around the 1960s. Then during the 1965 tragedy, this dance disappeared and left a deep trauma in the community. Slowly, the popularity of janger has increased since the 1970s.

Tari Janger Bali

This is a development of the Sanghyang Dance. Janger is a development of the female choir, while kecak is from the male choir. This is categorized as a balih-balihan dance, which is used to entertain or enliven an event.

The general theme of Janger is the early romance story of young couples, teasing each other at the start of courtship, and inevitable romance.

The girls sit on their knees while dancing with the fan in hand. While men sit cross-legged while doing complicated hand movements. When the dance took place, a story was also performed such as Arjuna Wiwaha, Sunda Upasunda, and others.

This dance is usually accompanied by the Gamelan Batel or Tetamburan, which is equipped with a pair of Gender Wayang. This is a unique and creative blend of dance and gamelan music that makes the atmosphere more lively and cheerful.

The dancers wear beautiful costumes. An interesting blend of colors enhancing the beauty of the performance. Male dancers wear udeng, rumbing and flowers in the ears. Also wearing clothes, badong, gelang kana, sabuk prada, ampok-ampok, and trouser coated with a patterned cloth (kekancutan).

While female dancers wear gelungan janger (headdress), subeng, and flowers such as: gonjer, gold gilded clovers, and red flowers that adorn the back of the head. Also wearing badong, gelang kana, sabuk prada, ampok-ampok, oncer, and prada cloth at the bottom. The female dancers carry a beautiful hand fan.


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