January 30, 2021

Satya Brasta Dance (Tari Satya Brasta Bali)

Tari Satya Brasta is the work of dance choreographer I Nyoman Cerita, SST, MA. The dance was created in 1989. This work depicts a story of heroism in the battle between Gatotkaca and Karna. Gatotkaca died because he was hit by a powerful weapon released by Karna, called Konta Wijayakusuma.

The word "satya" means sincerity, while "bhrasta" means lost. This dance is usually performed by young male dancer in group. The dancers present a firm and anergic dance movement with a relatively fast tempo.

Satya Brasta dance has a unique and interesting composition accompanied by traditional Balinese gamelan music. The dancers look so good at every movement and are skilled at using dance properties to create certain scenes. Of course, this makes the show more alive and makes the audience amazed.

The dancer entered the stage carrying umbrellas (tedung). They rotate the umbrella and also play the property in the form of small arrows (konta). A few moments later other dancer entered while playing a medium sized folding fan.

Next, all of them joined together to form a horse carriage formation. There are those who act as horses, rotate umbrellas for wheels, form parts of the carriage with fans and umbrellas, and also as characters who drive the cart.

At the end of the story, the dancer present a battle scene. One of the dancers (Karna) takes out an arrow then releases it. On the opposite side, another dancer (Gatotkaca) shows a scene where he was hit by an arrow and eventually died in the battle.

The dance property used during the performance includes: medium sized white folding fans, blue umbrellas (tedung) and small arrows called Konta Wijayakusuma.

All dancers wear beautiful costumes with interesting blend of colors. At the top, the dancer wears a cloth headdress, imitation hair, flowers on the ears, badong, gelang kana, special clothes, sabuk prada, tutup dada, and ampok-ampok. Meanwhile, for the lower part wearing below knee pant, red cloth with gold motif and "lamak" ornament (kancut).


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