February 1, 2021

Wirayuda Dance (Tari Wirayuda Bali)

Tari Wirayuda is the work of dance choreographer I Wayan Dibia, SST, MA. The dance was created in 1979. This dance depicts a group of brave Balinese Dwipa soldiers armed with spears, getting ready to the battlefield.

The dance, which features a story of heroism, is usually danced in pairs by 2-4 pairs of young male dancers with enthusiasm. It is said that Wirayuda Dance was developed by taking inspiration from Baris Tumbak Dance or Baris Ketekok Jago Dance.

The word Wirayuda comes from the word (Sanskrit) "vira" means brave or heroic and "yudh" means war or battle. The dancers display the movements of brave soldiers getting ready for the battlefield. The dance is included in the "balih-balihan" dance category to entertain the audience.

The movements of the dancers are divided into three parts, namely: pepeson, pengawak, and pekaad. All dancers are seen to be skilled and attractive when playing their spears.

Their firm and energetic movements were integrated in harmony with the fast tempo Balinese gamelan music, making the audience smile and applaud.

All dancers wear beautiful costumes with attractive blend of colors, enhancing their performance. At the top, the dancer wears a cloth headdress (udeng), "petitis" (forehead crown), and artificial flowers on the ears. Then put on a badong, clothes, gelang kana, sabuk prada and ampok-ampok. While at the bottom wearing trousers and "kancut" cloth with golden motifs. The dance property used during this dance performance is a spear (tumbak).


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