March 24, 2021

Barong Bangkal Dance Bali

Barong Bangkal is one of the amazing traditional Balinese performing arts. This is a variant of the Balinese Barong Dance. Barong dance itself is believed to have originated from the Pre-Hindu culture when people believed in the supernatural protective power of animals.

Barong Bangkal has the appearance of a huge black pig. The skin is made of black cloth, the black "tapel" design is in the shape of a pig's head, complete with leather carving, beautiful crown, and long hair. Barong Bangkal is also known as Barong Bangkung or Barong Celeng.

The word "bangkal" is a local term for a large and old pig. This animal is considered a mythical animal that has supernatural powers.

The Barong Bangkal dance is performed by two dancers (children or teenagers) and accompanied by a Batel (Tetamburan) gamelan orchestra, which is played while walking. This gamelan produces rhythmic and dynamic music.

The ritual activity that is associated with Barong Bangkal is the Ngelawang Ritual. Ngelawang comes from the word "lawang" which means door. This is a ritual when Barong Bangkal is paraded around the Banjar or Village, from one resident's house to another (door to door). The Ngelawang ritual has a function as repellent reinforcements against plagues and disasters.

The Nglawang ritual becomes an interesting and unique attraction, presenting a cheerful atmosphere and entertaining the local community, including tourists who are lucky to witness this show.

The dance is usually performed (ngelawang) during the celebration of Galungan and Kuningan holidays. The Barong Bangkal dance is also held on certain days that are considered sacred or when there is an epidemic that attacks the village. This ritual is also believed to provide an invisible (niskala) protection to the community.


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