March 27, 2021

Barong Landung Dance Bali

Barong Landung dance is one of Balinese traditional performing arts which is sacred and magical. This performing art also keeps a history of the relationship between Balinese culture and Chinese culture.

This dance is a variant of the Barong Dance. The word "landung" is a local term which means tall. The dance is usually performed at the temple. At certain times, this sacred artifact is paraded in procession around the village known as the Ngelawang Ritual.

There are several versions of the story, but all of them state the same existence of Barong Landung. It is stated that Barong Landung is the embodiment of Catur Sanak or Kanda Pat, which is believed to neutralize negative energies from evil spirits.

Another version mentions Barong Landung as the embodiment of Ratu Gde Mecaling, who is believed to be the king of spirits. The community made Barong Landung so that spirits would not attack the village.

There is also a version which states that Barong Landung is the embodiment of a king who ruled in Bali in 1181-1269 AD, namely Raja Sri Jaya Pangus (Balingkang Kingdom) with his queen Sri Mahadewi Cacangkaja Cihna or better known as Kang Cing Wei, a daughter of a rich Chinese merchant. This is said as a cultural acculturation between Balinese and Chinese.

Barong Landung is a pair of tall, large puppet-dolls in the shape of human figures, represent male and female aspects. The male figure is called Jero Gede, depicted as a large black body, stern character and a rather frightening face with sharp fangs. Meanwhile, the female figure is called Jero Luh, depicted as a beautiful, gentle, and narrow-eyed princess with a cheerful smiling face.

The community believes that Barong Landung has a function as repellent reinforcements (tolak bala) against the plagues and disasters that attack the village. This sacred artifact is said to have supernatural powers that provide healing for villagers and protection from negative energies caused by evil spirits.


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