April 1, 2021

Barong Kedingkling Dance Bali

Barong Kedingkling is one of the Balinese traditional performing arts which is done by a dancer wearing a tapel (mask). This hereditary tradition is still carried out by the people of Gianyar, Bangli, and Klungkung Regencies.

Barong is believed to be a mythological creature who has magical powers and always protects society. Barong Kedingkling Dance performance is usually accompanied by Batel or Bebonangan gamelan orchestra. This type of barong is often called Barong Nong Nongkling or Barong Blasblasan.

This sacred dance appears a bit different from other barong variants. This barong features several masks, each of which is danced by a dancer. It is said that Barong Kedingkling has similarities with the Wayang Wong art performance, with the play from the Ramayana Epos.

The Barong Kedingkling dance is usually performed through the “Ngelawang” procession, paraded around the banjar environment or village, from house to house.

The Ngelawang ritual usually begins by asking for permission or "Matur Piuning" ceremony. Next, the Pratima Barong was carried (Mundut) in a procession (Ngelawang) around the neighborhood or village. After the procession is complete, a closing ritual (Masineb) is carried out by the temple priest and the Pratima Barong is returned to the storage room (Gedong Simpen).

The Ngelawang tradition has the aim as repelling reinforcements or "tetulak bala", against the plague that attacks the village and to plead for safety and welfare of the community. This ritual is usually held during the celebration of Galungan and Kuningan Holiday.


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